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December 6, 2020


We exist, whether we believe it or not, in the love of God. We were created to be loving beings who remain in the love of God at all times so that our lives can find fullness in His love. It is when we seek to truly be alive in this divine love that our hearts and souls are opened to be filled with Gods’ love and our lives become the gifts of love they were created to be. It is in this love we can find true peace, joy and happiness. When we live loving lives, by the grace of God, we hold no resentment towards others, we seek no revenge on those who have hurt or offended us. We offer forgiveness to all no matter how grave their sin may have been. We open our hearts in love just as Christ, Our Lord, opens His heart in love, unconditionally and without favour. Love never demands or forces itself upon others but is always offered gently and if rejected does not stop offering but continues to do so. Love never accepts sin but offers understanding, compassion and guidance to those who do to help them reject sin. Love stands firmly against all that is evil but only uses goodness to do so. Love when nurtured in Christ, Our Lord, Who is love, grows within to become powerful and passionate in its’ desire to nurture love in others. Love never ends even though this life on earth does. Love is eternal and those who live in true love will find eternal life in the eternal one Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

God bless,

Alan Ames

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