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Nov 18, 2020


My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, As we walk along the path of love and light together, the path that is the path of The Lord, Jesus, there will be darkness all around us. To either side of us there will be trapped in the shadows and trapped in darkness lost souls who have not known the way of The Lord. There will be those calling out to us for help. Some in their confusion and anger of soul will try to pull us off the path and into the darkness with them. The truly evil ones will want to drag us away from God and into the pain of soul that comes from denying or rejecting The Lord. However, to remain on the path of light and love we must keep focused on our goal of heaven and not be distracted by anything they do. That does not mean to ignore them as to remain on the path of love we must show them love, to remain on the path of light we must try to bring the divine light into their lives. If we do not do this we ourselves will stray from the path for in Christ, Our Lord, we are meant to do all we can to save sinners, to save those lost along the way. We must always remember that we too are sinners and it is only by the grace of God in our lives that we walk the right way. It was by our accepting that grace and letting it lead us in life that we are not lost. This grace is offered to all, even those deep in the darkness of evil, but they have to be told of that grace and that accepting the grace will bring true joy, peace and love into their lives.

So often when we see those in the dark behaving badly and doing evil things we turn we turn away from them. Maybe we do this in fear or in disgust at what they do but we should try not to do that. I know at times when I see those trapped by evil and doing evil’s bidding I at first feel angry and judgemental towards them. The Lord, corrects me and tells me that I should not judge and condemn but instead feel sorrow that they are this way and then pray for them to be set free from the chains that bind them. It is essential that we always put God’s will first in our life as in not doing so we step off the path. Our human will is often the will of pride that so easily can draw us into distraction, into forgetting God, into committing sin. It is , however, when we pray with a true heart that God’s will remains supreme in our lives and our human will becomes submissive to His will. God’s will is that we reach heaven and so His will keeps us on the path and stops us from being lost. It is also in His will that we reach out to others offering them the helping hand they need to step on the path with us and to keep on it.

It is certain that at times we will stumble and fall along the way but it is also certain that if we do our best The Lord, Jesus, will be there to lift us up and place us back on the path to heaven. So it will be with others and we have to let them know that if they have fallen, if they are stumbling in life The Lord, Jesus, has not turned away from them. Instead He turns towards them in love pouring out His divine light so that the darkness around them can be illuminated by it and they can see the way to heaven and desire that way. The unloved should know they are loved, the unwanted know they are wanted, the sinful know they can be forgiven, the evil people know they can become good people because The Lord, Jesus, is waiting to help them be so.

This walk is not easy at times as we battle with ourselves and others who try to stop us. Remember though when it is hard it is good to offer your struggles to The Lord, for others to find the true path and to stay on it. When we do this it becomes a powerful prayer of sacrificial love for others and through your sacrifices grace will pour out and save souls. Even though you may not know or see this in your life on earth many will be waiting to thank you in heaven for the sacrifices you made for them and the light of love you were in the world.

God bless,

alan ames.

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