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December 6, 2020

Radio Interview in Austria

Enjoy this excellent recent interview Alan did with Linda Noe from Kath.net in Austria. Here it is in German https://www.kath.net/news/73628 & below itís translated in English.

Photos attached are of Alanís hand; this happened just after he finished the interview.

1) For many years now you have been travelling the world sharing your testimony of Jesus and praying for people. This year everything is different. How did you experience the time of the strict lockdown in Australia?

This year has been a difficult year for many people me included. It has been hard not being able to go out and share Godís healing love and I long for the time I can do it again. But I have used this time to spend more time in prayer and focusing on God. I have offered all the struggles to Him and asked for the strength to persevere as I do not have the strength myself to overcome the crosses laid upon us. I also pray that being restricted does not frustrate me as this can lead me into disagreements with others including my wife. This is how evil works in these times it tries to destroy the bonds and the relationships we have with others through our anger and frustration at events today. So I pray rather than being frustrated I can be at peace and bring the peace of The Lord, Jesus, into my relationships.

2) Many people know you from your books "Through the eyes of Jesus" that really makes the reader feel as if he is with the Lord during His time on earth. Do you hear any special words from God in these times about and for the church?

Today it is important that all those within the church including the laity unite in the love of God and be obedient to what ever He asks of us through the church. This may be hard at times but I see any restrictions placed upon us as a test of faith. It is by being obedient even when we do not agree with what is being asked that we show that we are submissive to Godís will and that we trust that God will bring good out of any bad situation. The church today is faced with many problems but then it always has been. Just as in the past if the church perseveres in loving and serving God it will become stronger, even though we may not see this for some time we should believe this truth. Also it is important all pray for the church leaders to find the right way to face the barriers and restrictions placed before them.

There is a lot of confusion with the faithful especially as they struggle in life and do not always understand what the church is doing or saying. There are criticisms over the churchís response to the virus and the closing of churches. We must remember that it is hard for the bishopís and priests in these times to know exactly what to do. In West Australia where I live there were very large fines for any Mass that was said publicly. If the church had refused to obey the governments direction not to have public masses it would have been bankrupt in a short time. I believe it was about $250,000 fine for each Mass celebrated publicly. Also there were a significant number of people including catholics agreeing with no masses because of the fear of getting sick. So the Bishopís had a difficult decision to make not one I would like to have to make. While it is valid to criticise those within the church when something is wrong we must first look and see what the true position is before doing so. Unity is called for within the church because if we are divided the church is weaker. The Lord, tells me I must be obedient to the church unless it goes against faith or morals and this is what I try to do. If we do not like the way a bishop, a priest or a religious acts we should pray for them that Godís will be done in their life and vocation. Also that we understand what Godís will is because they may be doing Godís will it is just we do not see that. We should remember that no matter what happens in the church God will always correct any mistakes that may be made and keep us on the right path even if it takes some time for this to happen. I pray for the church each day that it remains true to The lord, Jesus, and that it leads us in His truth. We should all pray for this.

3) Here in Austria at the moment for most of the people it is not possible to go to holy mass do you have any words for them how to cope with this situation? What are best spiritual weapons to get through this covid time?

When it is impossible to go to Mass it is good to watch Mass online and at the time of communion pray for a spiritual union with The Lord. In this situation I also thank The Lord for this cross of not being able to receive Him and offer the pain I feel from that for the salvation of souls. In this way that moment becomes not only a powerful spiritual union with God but a powerful sacrifice of love for others. I also pray daily for the Mass to return not only in my diocese but in every diocese where it is restricted.

The best spiritual weapons in these times are of course prayer especially the rosary. Reading holy scripture. Reading about the lives of the saints and how they handled difficult situations yet persevered in loving God. If it is possible do these things together as a family that is good as it will strengthen the family. Most important is that when Mass is available again that we start going because nothing brings us closer to God than the Holy Mass.

4) For the people who have problems with anxiety and trusting God in these times, what do you recommend?

Some people in these times are afraid and struggle to keep their trust in God as their fear draws them into emotional and mental distress. It is important that we remember how in the past the faithful held onto The Lord, Jesus, no matter what happened to them. Because of them we have the faith today. So it is with us we need to keep trusting in The Lord that all will be well. He will see us through this and He will lead us to a happier and holier time. He will not desert us and we should not desert Him. If we do not trust in Him who will we trust? It is by keeping our faith in Him we will overcome these struggles and we will find the strength we need to endure.

5) Can you tell us about your prayer life? Do you have a kind of routine or is it constantly changing?

My prayer life begins when I first open my eyes as I offer every second of the day, good or bad, to God as a prayer of love. Every thought I have, every word I speak, every breathe I take, every heart beat, every action I do. Then by Godís grace that is what they become. I then say 60 or more decades of the rosary, pray the Trinitarian rosary that The Lord, gave me, go to Mass and adoration when possible. Pray the prayers of Mary Queen of the cross, the Angelus and I also recently started to say the divine office daily but sometimes forget. Then some evening prayer before sleep and of course there is reading Holy Scripture during the day.

6) From your testimony it is clear that you hear God in a very direct way. Do you believe this is for everyone or for special vocations only?

I am very blessed that The Lord allows a terrible sinner like me to experience Him daily in a close and personal relationship. I do not deserve it and I am amazed at the mercy of God that He would come to such a person as me in this way. However, The Lord, is there for all people though it may be in different ways. To each person He comes in the way He sees is needed. Many people tell me they have had personal experiences with God, many incredible experiences and so He is reaching out to all people. We just need to keep reaching out to Him in love and faith and He will let us know Him in the way that best suits us. This might not be the way we want but is always the best way for us. The Lord is there for all of us never doubt that.

God bless,

Alan Ames

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