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April 2016


There was darkness and pain all around giving the appearance evil had won. Yet on the cross all the pain was carried and all the evil confronted with God's gentle steadfast forgiving love. Then in the tomb when many had lost hope and despaired, the hope of the world arose to shine His divine light into the darkness to disperse it and to show that evil was truly weak in the face of pure love.

Today in the world it seems as if there is darkness every where and that the prince of darkness is victorious and is ruling the world inflicting suffering and pain upon mankind as he wills. However, the truth is that the love of Jesus Christ, Our Lord, cannot be overcome by evil and that His love will bring light into the darkness.

While many despair and lose hope as they see the terrible things happening in the world we as followers of The Lord, Jesus, should not. We as His followers should have no doubt in His victory and we should be proclaiming to all that The Lord, has risen and that evil is bound to fail for it is a divine truth that evil that has no hope of victory, that it is defeated. Yes there is and will be many awful events that occur at the hands of evil and evil's servants but we must not let that destroy our trust in the victory of The Lord, Jesus.

We should be the people who rise up to tell the world all will be well in the hands of The Lord. The suffering and evil occurring in the world should strengthen our resolve and trust in The Lord as we come to realise that to trust in mankind is fraught with danger for mankind's will is at times ruled by the will of evil. While to trust in God is never foolish for it brings the assurance that His will can never be overruled, the assurance of safety in His eternal love and and the assurance of eternal life in and with Him.

He rose in love of mankind let us rise up in love of mankind declaring we believe and that we will never accept evil's rule over us. Let us rise up with open hearts to all inviting all to find the victorious love of Christ in our love of them.

We are the victors in Christ let us not cower in fear but stand tall in the certainty that God is with us and that Jesus, Our Lord, is the victor and so is anyone who will live trusting completely in Him.

Happy Easter,

Alan Ames



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