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Christmas Message

December 2019

The gift that never stops giving.

The gentle babe with arms outstretched in love lay in the manger hoping all would reach out to Him in love.
The blessed child, The Son of God, invited all to find true joy in Him.
The Holy child, the Son of Mary, called all to be part of the Holy Family of God in and through Him.
His sweet smile, a smile of sanctity.
His delightful cries, cries of hope for mankind.
His divine face, the face of the love of God.
From His first breath of love He opened his heart to all hoping all would allow His sacred breathe to fill them with grace and joy.
The little child, Jesus, lay in the manger calling out to all, ‘I am here for you. I love you come and love Me.’

In this the greatest giving, God gave His only Son, Jesus, to mankind. On Christmas day the gift of true and complete love was revealed to mankind. The Lord, Jesus, came to bring love to all especially to the unloved. The Lord, Jesus, came to lift those trapped in misery into the joy of His love. No longer would anyone be left alone in the sadness of loneliness for now He was with them offering the companionship of His love to all. The Lord was born as an offering of love to mankind and would become an offering of love in His sacrifice for mankind. The Lord never stops giving and offering His love. He is the gift that keeps giving in love.

In this joyous and holy time of The Lord’s birth we should look to Him and try to imitate Him in His Divine giving being gifts that keep giving in love. We should become gifts of love to others bringing His love to all. We should bring His joy into the lives of those trapped in misery. To the lonely we should open our hearts and show them they are loved and let them know God is with them in love. We should be companions of love to all.

Christmas is a time of great celebration but it should be a celebration that we invite all to join in. Christmas is a time of giving and we should be prepared to give as The Lord, gives. The Lord, Jesus, came to earth to enrich the lives of poor humans with the giving of the treasure of His love. We should take this treasure to all so that their lives can be enriched by His divine love and grace. As The Lord, came to sacrifice in His giving of self to mankind we too should be prepared to sacrifice in our giving to others. The Lord, Jesus, came to mankind who was in need of His love, we too must go out to those in need and share our love, our riches, our treasures, our God with them. Let us be like the innocent loving babe in the manger.

Let us cry out in love to all. Let us reach out to all in love. Let us give to all in love. Let us sacrifice for others in love and most importantly let us bring the true gift of Christmas to all, the gift of the Son of God, Jesus who is love.

Merry Christmas to all,
Alan Ames

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