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April 5, 2015

A Resurrected People

The Lord rose in love so that all people can be raised up in Him to find eternal life in heaven. This is possible for all people and all it takes is the decision to follow The Lord, Jesus, instead of following the world. However, many people find this hard to do because the world has a firm hold on so many. It is an important part of the lives of those who follow Christ to help others make the right decision and help them be open to The Lord. If a person truly wants eternal life in heaven they should pray for the grace to let go of the world and hold onto The Lord. It is impossible to hold onto both and a person must decide what they want to do and should be aware of the results of their decision. That is why it is so important that those who do hold onto Jesus help others to find the grace and the strength to do the same. Help others see the importance of reaching out to God in prayer and asking for the grace and help they need. The world today has brought many not to even consider prayer so many do not pray except when they are in difficult circumstances and they are desperate. Prayer for many is seen as a last resort when it should be the first resort. Prayer is an essential part of life but many do not recognise this and see it as unnecessary and so deny themselves the benefits of opening their hearts and souls to The Lord in love. Prayer is a powerhouse of grace available to all but sadly not all believe this or even think about it. The Lord's followers should be praying for others to start praying. Christ's followers should be explaining to others the benefits they receive in prayer. The Lord's followers should be a living prayer that brings others to pray.

Sometimes people do not follow God in love because the world has led them into lives focused on self and into lives often empty of true love so they do not know what love is. The Lord's followers by being examples of God's love should seek to open the eyes of people to the truth of love and the true joy of love. To show people by their example that living in love of Christ is not a miserable life but a joy filled one. Not a life of denying self but fulfilling self in Him. Not a life of boredom but one of true excitement living in the anticipation of a life far greater than the life on earth, a life in heaven with God. Not a life without its troubles but a life that even though it still has troubles remains at peace throughout any struggle, any cross and any suffering. Not a life of turmoil and confusion but one of clarity and certainty in Him. Not a life of feeling lost and alone but one of always knowing God is with you and that no one who follows The Lord will be lost. Not a life of harshness, strictness and demands but one of tenderness, gentle encouraging advice that asks not demands that people do their best to live to Jesus Christ's way.

It is time for The Lord's followers to rise up to become a wave of love washing over the world as they live lives being examples of Christ. To raise up all they do in life as an offering of love through which those who do not know The Lord can come to know Him. It is time for the world to be lifted out of the darkness that covers it into the light of His love. This may have a heavy price for some but it is a price all who love Our Lord, Jesus, should be willing to pay so that their brothers and sisters on earth can be raised in Him to eternal life in heaven. It may be a life that brings some suffering but then it brings great rewards. It may be a life that at times seems to be achieving little but truly achieves a lot. Many thought that The Lord had failed as He suffered, as He hung on the cross and as He died but in truth The Lord had succeeded in overcoming evil. As He rose from the dead The Lord showed this truth to the world and offered a resurrected life in Him to all. Now is the time for His followers to rise up and show His truth in their lives and succeed in bringing souls to The Lord and to His eternal kingdom of love in heaven.

Happy Easter,

Alan Ames



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