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August 2019


With the fall of the USSR and communist system there seemed to be a new dawn in the west that would usher in a time of true freedom and a better society. Even though communism still holds sway in China there have also been some relaxation of its strict laws on how many children a family can have and also a relaxation in business practises that let some style of free market come to life which has brought some prosperity to some of the poor in China but of course there are still many heavy and terrible restrictions in freedom of faith, of how a person may live and no choice in any elections. China is still a communist state if changed somewhat.

However in the west a new form of socialism/communism has arisen that even though not as obvious as it was in the USSR and still is in China it is there. Sometimes countries join together as a union and then force their will on the people and on those countries within their union who will not comply. Countries who hold firm to the Catholic/ Christian faith and not accept that which goes against their faith are admonished, threatened, have positions of influence denied them and may have funds withheld or reduced.

This type of socialism is one where certain groups hold sway with governments and legal systems and who seem to do all they can not only to stop discrimination, which of course needs to be stopped, but to force those in society to accept what they call as human rights which in fact are human wrongs. These groups often will not accept anyone opposing their views and may attack, harass and insult anyone that does. Sometimes the governments support them in this. To some states and some groups it is only their way only that is valid anything else is racist, misogynistic, fascist.

Religious freedom in some western countries is under attack where people of faith at times are coerced or forced by law to accept what goes against their faith. There are countries that through law require Christian/Catholic hospitals to offer and perform abortions. Those who refuse to do so can lose their jobs, can be fined and can be heavily ostracised by governing bodies. Western governments make laws that abortion can be freely available for all at any stage of the pregnancy and even allow the child if born live to be left to die. Truly shocking infanticide. Christian employers are forced to supply insurance for their employees that would cover not only abortion but contraception too. In a certain european country the state required the Catholic Church to give people information as to where they could find an abortion doctor or clinic. Sadly some diocese agreed to this. So some governments try to control the church and the faith of people. Isnít this what it is and was like in communist societies?

Christian/Catholic places of education are in some instances required to teach that same sex marriage, same sex parents, homosexual behaviour, transgenderism and having sex outside of marriage at a very young age is a normal thing to do. Sometimes the material used for very young children is very graphic and obscene. If people disagree with this they are attacked as being homophobic, a bigot a religious extremist. Some may lose their jobs because of this. The state line has to be followed otherwise there are consequences. Isnít this what it is and was like in communist societies?

The legal systems have in some instances become very anti- Christian. When a Christian is accused of breaking the law by stating their religious beliefs or by refusing to supply something that offends their beliefs they can be jailed or lose their business. Christianís often have to prove their innocence; they are not innocent until proven guilty. Governments have passed or will soon pass laws that make it illegal for a catholic priest to keep the sacred seal of confession with the threat of imprisonment if they do not report what they may have heard. This is what the nazis and communists did and do. Priests and Bishops with little or no evidence are found guilty on the word of one person and imprisoned. Some later are found innocent but by then the damage has been done to their reputation and maybe to their position within the church. Isnít this what it is and was like in communist societies?

There are many media outlets that promote anti-Christian agendas and vilify christians who stand up for their beliefs or speak out against the wrongs that are being promoted in the world. They make Christians seem as if they are bad people for not meekly accepting the evil in society. Christianity is portrayed by some in the media as some myth that has been passed down and only fools would believe in it. The communistís and the nazis did and do the same.

Today governments are trying to force Christians to comply to what the governments and special interest groups say and to deny their faith. Isnít this what it is and was like in communist societies.

In the west we are heading down a path that leads to societies that embrace evil over good, immorality over morality and injustice over justice. If we keep walking this path it is certain that more and more religious freedoms will be taken from believers and more and more will suffer at the hands of the so called tolerant governments and groups who in fact are intolerant.

It is time to stand up for the faith, stand up for true freedom and true morality by denying any wrongs forced upon us regardless of the cost because it is by Christians doing so that the socialist intolerant trend in the world will be defeated.

We should remember God is with us we have nothing to fear we just need to be with God and hold firm to His divine truth and deny the serious wrongs in the world.

May we by Godís grace be the ones to change the world and society for the better.

God bless,
Alan Ames


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