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November 2018


I am asked at times to advise people how they should vote in elections. Personally I am apolitical and support no party and when I vote I vote for the ones that would be closest to doing as Jesus, Our Lord, asks of us. So that is what I always suggest to people.

I believe it is important to reflect on what The Lord, Jesus, would say if anyone asked Him the following,

' Lord, can I vote for those who support or promote abortion?'

' Lord, can I vote for those who support Gay Marriage,Transexuality or the teaching of immoral lifestyles to those being educated?'

' Lord,can I vote for those who support or promote euthanasia?'

' Lord, can I vote for anyone who would restrict religious freedom?'

' Lord, can I vote for anyone who is clearly anti- Christian?'

As The Lord, Jesus, would never condone sin in any form His obvious answer would be no to all of those and if we are to be true followers of His then our answers must be the same.

In these times the world tries to persuade people to ignore what The Lord expects of us or tries to change it to sound as if the complete opposite of what He wants is what He would say yes to. Sometimes people say I voted for a a person or a party because they are doing other good things... but doing good in one area does not justify doing serious or promoting serious sin in other areas.

For me it would be impossible to vote for anyone who would not protect life from conception until natural death. Anyone who would try to educate the young to accept sinful ways. Anyone who would promote immoral lifestyles as being normal. Anyone who would attack the Church or would try to limit religious freedom for all people.

I keep in mind that when The Lord judges me and asks of me did you stand for my truth in all things I want to be able to say yes as I do not want to have denied the Lord in any way. The shame of doing that would be unbearable and yet I know because of my humanity I will have failed at times but as long as I have done my best to do as He wants He will be merciful. And so it will be for all people.

I try to remember God's way above all other ways and God's will above my will and the world's will. Remembering that there is no way I will ever support or vote for those who promote or accept what is obviously against the law of God. I hope all Christians would feel the same way.

Who to vote for then? The ones closest to doing God's will and the ones promoting the least sin praying when you vote that those you have voted for will do their best to do what is truly right. Praying that God will guide them to govern correctly.

God bless,
alan ames

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