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The world is a mess as it goes through this period of upheaval and terrible suffering. History once again repeats itself in the actions of mankind where people are manipulated and led into inflicting hurt upon others. Where people are ruled by their pride, their fears and their seeking to control or subjugate others. There is nothing new in this, sadly this is the history of mankind. The words of The Lord, Jesus, ring so true when He said the prince of darkness rules the world. Or when satan claimed all these kingdoms have been given unto him and to whomever he will give them to. Today it seems so obvious that there are those who satan has given the kingdoms to so that chaos and suffering can spread throughout the world. It seems as if a blanket of darkness is enveloping the world encouraged by some of those who rule. It is like a tinderbox waiting to explode into a far greater orgy of violence and evil. So many are being drawn into feelings of despair, losing hope and seeing little good in the future before them. It is these feelings the evil one and his servants on earth exploit to draw mankind deeper into the darkness and away from the light of God. Others are being deceived by evil through their faith in a belief system that causes many to do the most terrible sins and inflict horrendous suffering on people they see as non believers or who oppose their understanding of what God calls them to.

In these times many wonder where it will end and what can be done to change the world. For those who follow the Lord, Jesus, it should not be a time to despair but a time to hope,hope in The Lord. It should not be a time to give up on the world but a time to trust in The Lord, Jesus, that all will be well. It should not be a time to sit back and say there is nothing I can do it should be a time to say what can I do to change this? Realising it is by living their faith they can change this. It should not be a time for Christians to let the blanket of darkness be laid upon them by others but a time to stand firm in The lord, Jesus, knowing He will remove this blanket. It should not be a time of wondering what will be the spark that will set fire to the world and take it into major conflict but a time to let the spark of Jesus’ love enkindle a fire in our hearts and souls so that we become the lights through whom God disperses the dark in the world and leads mankind into a time of peace.

If Christians allow the world to trap them in their fears they will find it hard to be open to the grace, power and love of God. If Christians let themselves be lowered into the levels of darkness that satan is laying upon the world then the light of Christ will not find a place in their hearts. Those who follow Jesus have a higher calling, they are called by God to rise up and not be afraid of evil but instead to trust in The Lord completely. They are called not to listen to the deceptions of evil in the world but instead to listen to and live to the truth of THE WORD. They are called to pray intensely for all of mankind to be open to the true peace that is found in Christ, Our Lord. They are called to lift their heads high and not cower before the frequent attacks of others on their faith. The higher calling is to be true followers of Christ, to be saints walking on earth unafraid of what may happen at the hands of evil. Instead believing completely in what will happen in the hands of Our Lord, God and saviour, Jesus Christ. It is when the followers of The Lord, Jesus, do this that not only they but many others by their efforts will be lifted to higher levels of grace and find true peace in the loving heart of our God.

May God strengthen us all in our love of Him and of others so we can hear and answer that higher calling.

God bless,
alan ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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