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May 18 , 2021

A New Beginning

In the beginning God created all and it was good. All was created in good order by God but through the sin of man disorder was brought into creation. Before the sin of man creation was a paradise full of love and purity existing as God created it to. It was through sin that hatred and impurity was allowed to enter creation and the holy gift started to become an unholy mess. Mankind was given all it needed to live happy and joyful lives but when mankind let go of humility and let pride rule Godís gift was seen as not enough and man wanted more.

The desire for more was and is self perpetuating for the more man got the more man wanted. There was never enough to satisfy the prideful desire that now lived in the hearts of mankind. The love of God and what God gave mankind began to be replaced with the love of self and what mankind could get for itself. No longer were people satisfied with all the blessings God gave to them instead they wanted to be able to bless themselves with power, wealth and the knowledge of all. This has led mankind to the situation it is on today where society is disordered and is a mess. The path mankind has embarked upon will be for many a path that leads them to darkness as the good in the world and in life disappears under the heavy weight of pride and sinfulness.

However we can change this by Godís grace. It is possible when mankind returns to appreciating what God has given. To start thanking God for His blessings. To recognise that we were created to be good and that we can be again if we start to live the way we were created to. When we do this sanity will come back into society and the grip of evil on mankind will be broken. We can clear up the mess we have made and continue to make. Holiness can return to lives if we stop wanting more and more and thinking of self first. If we let the light of God shine brightly in our lives we and others can come to see, because of this, the true treasures God has given us and come to reject pride and sinfulness. Then we can come to the knowledge that the power and wealth of Godís love is all we need for in that is everything good and that no power is greater than God. That there is enough in Godís love for everyone.

Mankind needs a new beginning, a beginning to renew our love of God through and in His Son, Jesus. If people turn to the Lord, Jesus, and ask of Him,íLord, let me begin a new life in you.í then He will renew us, renew our faith and renew the world through us. He will replace our pride with humility and the desire to serve rather than be served. He will bring us to be what we are meant to be; images of God for we were created in His image.

So let us begin by praying for the whole world to become good again, for the whole world to reject evil and the disorder it brings so that the order of Godís love can reign supreme in all peopleís lives again.

God bless,

Alan Ames

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