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Feb 10, 2022

Blaming God

A commonly asked question is why doesn’t God stop the suffering in the world, the sick dying and the hungry starving? Some even blame God for not doing anything and reject or deny Him because of this. It seems it is God’s fault these things happen or He is not compassionate because He allows them to happen. When asked about this some people of faith have no answer to it as at times they are wondering themselves.

The question in fact should be not why God allows this to happen by why mankind does? Mankind has the ability to stop people starving but sadly mankind does not want to share as it should, preferring to blame God rather than look at what mankind is not doing. If all the money spent on wars was used to help the poor and needy there would be none. If all the money spent on wars was used to research cures for disease then many illnesses would no longer exist. If the money used on vanity around the world was used not for looking better but for having better lives for all then most would have good lives. If all the scientists spent their time looking for cures and solutions to the true problems of mankind, cures would be found and many problems overcome. Unfortunately, many scientists spend their time on improving entertainment technology or developing that which truly is of little benefit and sometimes only a novelty.

People respond to this by saying that these are high ideals but they will never happen. Yes, they are high ideals and we should be reaching for high ideals, saying they will never happen is just an excuse to do nothing or little. If we all make the effort and persist in doing so then these high ideals can be reached. Of course it will not be easy but we need to keep trying. Each little effort we make can unite with the efforts of others to make it happen. We need also to keep praying that the world will not look to wars, to vanities, to selfishness. We need to pray that mankind will stop making excuses and blaming God for its own failings.

God has given us all we need and if it is used correctly in the way God wants paradise would be here. It is by mankind not using the gifts God has given us correctly that the world suffers. We are the problem causing the problems but we should be the solution by living in the way God created us to. How foolish and self centred it is to say it is God’s fault when in fact it is our fault. How blind mankind has become refusing to see that we can overcome the difficulties in the world and instead preferring to see only what we can have for self and refusing to see how foolish and wasteful war is. God wants no one to suffer or to be hungry He wants all to live well and He gives us all we need to do so, the sad thing is we in our rejection of His will cause many to suffer.

Why don’t we stop the suffering, the illnesses and the starvation? We can but it is easier for mankind not to think that way and to think nothing can be done and so it continues.

Why do we not stop blaming God, for in truth there is nothing to blame Him for and a lot to thank Him for.

God love you,

Alan Ames

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