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Apr 16, 2022

Burst Forth

In the risen Lord is the assurance, for all who love Him and do their best to follow His will, of eternal life. When He rose from the tomb He showed to all His victory over death and invited all to be part of that victory. Each Easter He renews His invitation and calls all to accept His victory in their lives so that in and through Him they can be victorious too. The tomb could not contain Him and evil could not defeat Him. The darkness could not subdue His divine light as it burst forth to illuminate the way to heaven for mankind. When He died some thought it was the end of His life but in truth it was just the beginning of a new life for all who would believe in Him and His victory. Those who despaired now found joy in His resurrection and found the truth of God in Him. The sadness was gone to be replaced with the joy of the divine truth and with no fear for what lay ahead in life, for they knew that they were secure in Christ, Our Risen Lord.

Today, as the dark clouds gather in life, so many are losing hope at what is happening in the world and in their lives. Some who are trapped in the tomb of despair, it is important to turn to Our Risen Lord, Jesus, and find joy in what He offers mankind in Him. Turn to Him and asked to be filled with His divine light so that we too in Him can break free from the self imposed tombs of despair and hopelessness and find joy in life again. Turn to Him, trusting that we are secure in Him and that no matter what happens in the future He will take care of us and that evil cannot defeat us. Even if all seems lost, believe He will lead us to find the way to overcome the crosses in our lives so that after the crosses we will not be broken but will be raised anew in Him with the strength to be His true followers and to be His vessels of light, hope, joy and love in the world. So that through us many, not only us, can find their way to their eternal home in heaven.

He is risen, so let us rise up as His followers and burst forth, proclaiming His eternal love to all and the eternal life that awaits all who will believe in Him.

God love you,

Alan Ames

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