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Dec 22, 2022

The Glory of His Love

In a stable in Bethlehem lay the infant saviour of the world come in love to save mankind from its sins. His mother Mary and Joseph watched over Him in love, love that originated from He Who is Love. The animals around bathed in the glory of His love, at peace in the presence of the Prince of Peace. The shepherds came to see the Glory of God before them and the wise men came in worship and adoration to He who is Lord.

In heaven the angelic choirs sang out their joy at God coming to earth to save man. Those angelic voices also sang heavenly lullabies to the divine infant who heard and treasured their songs as He drifted gently into sleep. In His heart He held each angelic song, so too with every prayer of love said by man throughout time He did keep.

On earth now was the glory and love of God in the divine person of Jesus. Glory offering all mankind to be glorified in Him. Love offering all mankind eternal love to come and reside in.

With His heart open wide the infant Jesus poured out His love in an unending flow of divine love. With His Spirit opened to all the Holy Child offered eternal grace to all so that the spirits of mankind could become holy spirits in Him.

No wonder Christmas is a time of joy for the joy of God came to earth, joy there for all so that all can live the joyful life in and with God they were created to. The joy of souls that would be saved. Joy for the world that we as the glorified, loving people of The Lord, Jesus, should take to all so that all can find hope for the future in Him. We are called to be the shepherds today to guide all to the Prince of Peace so that His peace can fill hearts and souls when they come into His presence and experience His divine love. We are called to be the wise people of today who lead all into to the true wisdom of God and away from the foolishness of the world. Let us be like the infant Jesus, gentle and vulnerable yet filled with the power of God’s love reaching out to all in love and inviting them into the loving heart of Jesus.

May you all have a Blessed and Holy Christmas,

Alan Ames

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