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April 24, 2021


As I reflect on how The Lord, Jesus, suffered and died for me and for all I wonder why I am worth so much to Him that He would give His life for me? I a sinner and a man full of weakness and pride why die for me? What makes me worthy to receive such a blessing that the Divine One would suffer and die for and because of me and my sins? It pains me deeply to the point of my heart breaking to think that The Lamb of God would be sacrificed, would suffer so terribly and would die for me. He who is so tender, kind, gentle and loving would be hurt because of me. What an amazing thing to do. Then I realise that because He is love and the source of all love He could do nothing else for divine love wants to save everyone, wants to heal everyone, wants to bring everyone to holiness and wants everyone to enjoy eternal life in heaven. Divine Love never wants anyone to suffer and so is prepared to suffer in place of those He loves. Divine love never wants a person to be lost or a soul to enter hell and so He will do all He can to prevent this happening. Divine love sees all as precious, sees all as worthy of being saved and sees all as part of His family. The heart of Jesus, is completely full of divine love and is opened in every moment pouring out love in the hope that all of mankind will embrace it in love and allow The Lord of Love to lift their human love into His heart so that human love can be united with divine love and brought to fullness within it.

As I think on this I see that God who is love and who created all in love to live in love, continues to bless all with love, so that all can become what they were created to be; good, holy and loving people. That when and if we embrace Him who is Divine Love that we would have the same desires as Him. We too would want everyone to be saved, healed, holy and find eternal life in heaven. We could do nothing else for we would be loving as The Lord loves and we would be prepared to sacrifice all for the love of God and of others.

God bless, Alan Ames.

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