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Aug 11 , 2021


What a glorious place, full of love, full of peace, full of enjoyment. Think of the happiest moment in your life, and then magnify that a billion times, and it does not compare to the smallest of touches of heaven. When you are in heaven, you are so full of God’s love, you know nothing else except complete ecstasy, an ecstasy which increases and increases. Each soul in heaven is a mirror of God’s love, and so when you see each other, you see God’s love and are lifted in ecstasy even more. Just when you think you have all the joy you could ever desire, the Father fills you with more and more; you become a light burning brighter and brighter in God’s love. You come to understand this will never end, it will only increase as the Father has an unlimited supply of love to share.

As you enter each doorway in heaven, you find wonders and joys you could never have imagined. You find everyone in love with you and you in love with them, you soar in unison with them in singing the praises of God and, as you do, you are filled with even more love from the Father. All the saints you have heard of are there and you see the pure beauty of their love. You see the angels and archangels and together you fly throughout eternity looking upon all the wonders God has made.

You come to understand the joy of God in everything He has created. You see beautiful valleys filled with the most fragrant flowers, you see spirits of love waiting to play with you, waiting to share their love with you. You see mountains of golden light exploding into a cascade of light that touches you and fills you with joy. You see rivers of so many beautiful colours, all flowing to join as a sea of wonderful fountains, that when you bathe in them your whole being resounds with happiness. You see all around you lovely delicacies, and when you taste them you are engulfed in the warmth of love.

As you take the hands of your companion saints in Heaven and look to the Father, your spirit explodes like a firework in joyful love. As the light from you spirit is touched by those around you, every spirit unites to become one with God and then you feel what you never thought possible. You feel all the love in eternity entering into you… you feel and see all the good things that have happened… you become part of all these things, you become part of all the love that has been shared among mankind, among the angels, among the saints, you become part of every moment of love that has ever happened. Then you understands what heaven truly is.

God bless,

Alan Ames

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