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Oct. 2nd, 2016


Dear Friends,

From the many questions I get about the future of the Church I would like to answer them in this way and with a prophetic word of what lies ahead unless we act.

Over the past years the Church in western countries has been continuously attacked by governments, politicians and groups who desire that their will or way of life be accepted by Christians even when these are against church teaching.

The last years have been particularly difficult as one major government tries to force its will on the Church. This government has attacked the Church or Christian groups through the use of what are called equal rights but often are wrongs. It is done in various ways including through the targeting of Christian groups by the tax arm of the government to remove charitable exemptions etc. There are attempts to force the Church to accept such things as abortion in Catholic hospitals, paying for those in the Church employ to have contraception, same sex marriage, adoption of children by same sex couples, transgenders lifestyles and much more. Religious groups within the Church have had to fight legal battles just to try and keep to the faith and the teachings of the church (which is to love the person but to reject the sin).

Some of those in power try to take away religious freedom in the name of being progressive or politically correct; try to deny Christians the right to follow their faith and their conscience. This government appears to want to have a country that has little faith and can be manipulated easily to do it's will. Already the consequences of this can be seen by the number of people who no longer go to church or believe in God. The numbers embracing satanism seems to be growing. Secularism reigns supreme in many lives and atheism is on the rise. While all around the morals of society collapse and people suffer from this. It is time now for Catholics and all Christians to stand up and say enough for if this is allowed to continue then disaster surely lies ahead.

Some Christians tell me that they will vote for some one who supports abortion at all stages of the pregnancy even late term and partial birth abortions. Do they not understand to do this is to support the killing of babies and that they become part of this terrible sin and will carry that responsibility with them to be confronted by The Lord on judgement day when He will ask them why they supported the killing of the innocent. Some have responded to me that both choices support abortion but one person to vote for says they are pro life and only support abortion when life of the mother is at risk or for some other very serious problem such as rape or incest. While both choices are not good a Christian must support the one that will save the most lives and will help reduce abortions which in time may influence the country to go further in reducing this terrible act of inhumanity.

Catholics and all Christians who would vote for those who want to suppress the faith, to change the faith, to force Christians to accept sin and to be immoral are attacking the faith themselves. They become part of the forces that want to destroy Christianity, destroy the Church. We must support the ones who say they will protect Christianity and freedom of religion. The ones who understand what is happening to the Judeo/ Christian heritage we have and promise to defend that heritage.

If Christians do not now stand up for their faith and stand firmly in the truth of Christ by rejecting and not supporting those who attack the church, attack the faith, then it may be too late. If the situation we are in now is allowed to continue it will get only worse. In years to come the Catholic Church will have been assailed so much that it will be reduced to a shadow of what it is today. The people attending will drop as people will lose belief in God or will go to more ‘progressive' churches who accept what the government and special interest groups in society say is right. Many will see no reason to go to church for they will see it as a place of bigots and extremists. Many will be drawn away from God and deeper into the darkness of the secular world. It may happen that a church springs up calling itself catholic but is truly not and some will be drawn to that.

If we Christians want the future to be a good one living in the truth of God we need to support our God and our faith. If we do not then be assured the world will get worse. Darkness will envelop your families and friends. Suffering will increase. Hatred will spread and the evil one will have his way in many lives taking many souls from God. A terrible thought and I pray this does not come to be.

This can be stopped but each one of us has to do what God calls us to; reject the worldly ways of immorality and sin and never support someone who shamelessly promotes these evil things.

I normally do not speak in this way but I have been shown how important it is that at this time people of faith stand firm and defend their faith by supporting those who will not attempt to change or destroy their faith. Encourage all you know to think deeply about the future they want. Do they want a Christian based one or one based on the falseness that is in the world? Help all make the right choice.

God bless,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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