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Feb 10, 2023

Our Lady of the Eucharist

When we come to receive The Lord, Jesus, in the Holy Mass we can do so imitating Mary His mother. Mother Mary, who when the angel came to her and said she would be the vessel of the Lord, Jesus, responded from her heart and soul saying that she accepted Godís will completely into her life without reservation. That she was willing to be filled with God and Godís grace. We too when the priest comes to us with The Divine Lord in The Host should be calling out to God from our hearts and souls that we accept The Lord completely within us willingly without reservation. Crying from our soul to The Lord, Jesus, Ďfill me completely with You and let Your will be done in my life not my willí.

Just as Mary bowed in humble acceptance of Godís will and was blessed because of this we too should bow in humility as we are blessed to have The Lord, Jesus, enter into our bodies and become one with us in the Holy Mass. So that just as The Lord was one in Mary as He resided in and with her He can be one with us and He can reside in and with us in His Eucharistic presence. Mary who achieved the fullness of grace from God and maintained it because there were no barriers between her and God, shows us that when we receive The Lord Jesus within without reservation and remove the barriers of the world in our lives we can be filled with grace and become holy. Just as Our Holy Mother, Mary, by Godís grace, brought holiness into the world for all to share in we too by Godís grace within us in the divine presence of Jesus can bring holiness into the world for all to share in as we become vessels of that grace. By coming to frequent eucharist we can, by Godís grace, maintain that holiness as that grace fills us in every communion of love.

Mary, an image of loveliness, faith and humility, shows what we can be if like her we submit totally to Godís will and let His presence fill us and our lives.

When people look upon us they should see the humble love we have for God and for others, they should see the faith we live by and they should see how lovely is our faith.

When we become the images God created us to be that is when like Mary, our mother, we can lead others into the heart of Her Son and Our Lord, Jesus.

Mary, without fear lived totally for God and because of that could not be overcome by evil. If we do the same we will not be overcome by evil.

Mary, who lived in a world full of turmoil and sin stood firmly but lovingly and gently against the evil all around helping others overcome, by Godís grace, the evil in and around their lives. Like Mary we can do the same in this world that is swamped by evil, filled with turmoil, confusion and sin, if we stand firmly as she did and be gentle, loving and faith-filled servants of God, we can help others overcome the darkness in their lives and world.

Mary, a beautiful light of Godís love encourages us to be lights of Godís love burning brightly in the world. Lights that disperse the darkness of evil by totally living for God and living in the hope that His will be done in our lives and that His love will touch others by our complete giving of self to Him.

Mary, our mother is waiting to help us do this, so with true hearts of love let us turn to her in prayer and ask her to help us to be more like her and to truly be her children.

May God bless us all through Our Blessed Mother, Mary,

Alan Ames

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