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Nov 26, 2021

Troubled Times

My Dear friends in Christ,

In these troubled times it may seem as if goodness is disappearing and that darkness is all around. In life today evil seems to be triumphing and as it does so is destroying lives, society and peace. Sinful ways are being accepted as being right and what is right is seen as being wrong. The world seems to have turned on upside down. Much that was held as true and was treasured is being attacked, mocked and rejected to be replaced by what used to be held as sinful and evil. So many people are despairing over the direction society is going. So many are losing hope as so called democratic governments let go of democracy and enforce their will. The cost of living soars and jobs are lost and it becomes a struggle just to survive for some. People are losing their freedoms as they become prisoners of this never ending spiral of destruction of morals and society. Life has become a misery for some and often those in power do not seem to care. However, there is one who cares and that is The Lord, Jesus. He is there in every moment. He is with people in every struggle. He helps carry the crosses people have to bear.

When peoples eyes are full of tears He is there shedding tears with them. When peoples hearts break His heart is broken too. When it all seems too much and it is hard to carry on He is reaching out saying turn to Me and let Me help you, let Me carry you. He embraces us in our suffering and invites us to embrace Him in His suffering so that our suffering can become holy and grace filled. He offers us the strength we need to persevere in faith so that as signs of faith we, by His grace, can strengthen and uplift society.

Remember He is victorious and that this time of evil seeming powerful will end. His victory is won. From within the church The Lord will raise up saints to stand against the darkness in the world and through these blessed people He will bring the truth into peoples lives and society again. There will arise from within the church in years to come a leader who will be strong in love and faith. A gentle and kind leader who will stand against and confront evil in the world with the power of God’s love and change the world for the better. A leader who will be prepared to sacrifice his all for God and will be the example the world needs in these times to show what love truly means and what life should be. I do not know when this will happen but I do know that it will.

So do not despair God has it all in hand, He always has had. He will bring the world through this time and continue to prepare mankind for the glorious return of His, Son Jesus. Prepare us through our catholic faith and the love and grace He bestows upon us in the sacraments, in holy scripture and through prayer. The Lord, Jesus, will return and He will and does rule eternally a kingdom of love and peace which we can all be part of if we hold on even through the most difficult times to Him and His love of us.

God bless,

Alan Ames

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