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Aug 14 , 2022

When Jesus Spoke to Alan Ames

In 1994 at the early time of my experiences with God I was going into a church in Wembley, West Australia called Our Lady of Victories. One day when I was in front of the Sacred Heart statue The Lord, Jesus, was there and He said to me, ’Come and hold my hand.’ So I went to Him as the Sacred Heart and held His hand then I prayed The Our Father, The Hail Mary and a Glory Be. As I did I was filled with complete ecstasy, beyond anything of this world. So powerful, overwhelming and so full of love. If I had died then I would have been happy to. The Lord, Jesus, said,’ You have been filled with My Holy Spirit. Then The Holy Spirit began to talk to me in this ecstasy which lasted for hours as I sat in the church laughing and crying. This was the first time I experienced The Holy Spirit who I did not know anything about. The Holy Spirit spoke to me of gifts and graces and asked me if I would take His gifts and graces out to the world. I of course agreed. As I reflect on this I realise how blessed I was for The Lord, Jesus, Himself filled me with The Holy Spirit when I Held His hand, holding His hand was unfathomable gift in itself, and then the Holy Spirit holding me in His grace was an incredible blessing. I hope all can share in their lives the deep love of The Lord Jesus, holding them in His Sacred Heart and be filled with the divine gifts and graces the Holy Spirit has for all people. I attach photo’s of the Sacred Heart statue that came to life for me and is still in Our Lady of Victories church.

May God bless you all,

Alan Ames

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