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Sept. 15, 2015

Once again in Australia an elected leader has been replaced by a party vote while Prime Minister of the country. It seems the will of the people is held in disregard. No matter what party it is whoever led it into and won an election for it should serve the full term without being replaced unless of course due to ill health or willingly resigning. The party was elected under this leader and usually the people’s votes are influenced by who leads a party. If a leader is changed for political reasons then it should be mandatory that a new election is called so that the people can decide who leads not just a few self- centred politicians.

The difficulty now presented is that while Prime Minister Tony Abbott made some unfortunate policy choices he did try to hold onto some Catholic values ie: opposing same sex marriage. His replacement however while professing to be catholic supports same sex marriage. So now there are the two major parties in Australia opposing catholic teaching. How is it possible for me to vote for either of them? In truth I cannot and therefore will not fill out a voting slip at the next election.

This however does not solve the problem facing Christians in many countries where major political parties do not hold any or very few Christian beliefs. Today it is hard to find someone to vote for as nearly all seem to embrace worldly ways and ignore heavenly ways. Even many of those at times who profess to hold dear the true values of Christianity change once they are in power.

What then can we do to change things? If we look at how various interest groups have infiltrated political parties to influence them to favour what they desire and imitate what they have done without sinning and being deceitful we can do as they did and change political parties but for the good not for the worse. It needs a long term approach but Christians should start now. We need to encourage those of true belief to join political parties so that when it comes to selecting who will be candidates in particular areas in time those of good morals can be chosen. It is important that when Christians join the parties the numbers are sufficient to have a major influence that is why it is important to get as many to join as possible. We also need to pray that those who do this do not lose sight of their goal of bringing sanity back into politics. We need to be as cunning as foxes but as gentle as lambs so as to take back the moral ground in politics. It is no good complaining and doing nothing we need to act. Prayer, the Sacraments and following church teaching will strengthen us to endure but endure we must otherwise it will only get worse.

I travel to many countries and see the despair in the hearts of catholics as their governments try to lead them down the wrong path. Let us not despair let us do something. We can change things. It will take hard work and a long time but let us start now for if we do not future generations will suffer at the hands of governments that will enforce anti-Christian laws even more than happens today.

God bless,

Alan Ames


Alan Ames Ministry

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