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December 22, 2015

Dear Friends in Christ,

This Christmas it would be so easy to despair looking around the world and seeing the turmoil, the pain and suffering. It seems as if the prince of darkness is ruling the world. However, we should remember in this holy time that the Prince of Peace came to earth and shone His divine light into the darkness overcoming it and exposing truly how weak evil is. In the vulnerable infant Jesus the defeat of evil was assured. In the loving Lamb of Heaven victory was proclaimed. From the beginning of The Lord, Jesus’, time on earth evil tried to destroy Him, first recorded through Herod who slaughtered the Holy Innocents. Yet, even though The Holy Child appeared helpless in truth it was evil that was helpless before Him and could do nothing to stop His walk to victory on the cross and in the resurrection.

As we ponder the coming of God to earth as man let us not forget the power of His love, love that He brought for all to overcome evil in their lives with if they so desire. Let us look to the Holy Child, Jesus, and see that in Him the terrible times we go through today will come to an end and His peace will reign supreme.

Christmas is a time where we can find the strength we need to live as the children of God, to live as sacrificial lambs, to live as loving people exposing the vulnerability of our love so that through our weak hearts the divine heart of love that is Jesus’ heart can be seen. So that in seeing His heart in us others may come to it in love and overcome the darkness in their lives. Let us not despair instead let us celebrate that the little child of Bethlehem came to embrace mankind in His love and that from the cradle He cried out offering mankind the comfort of knowing that in Him all will be well.

In this holy and blessed time let us unite with the angels of heaven singing out how great and glorious is our Lord and how wonderful is His love. Let us not be trapped in the misery of the world but set free in the joy of heaven and let all see that joy in us.

May you all have a Merry Christmas,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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