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December 22, 2016


In this time of confusion, turmoil and violence it is easy to be led into despair at what is happening in the world. There seems to be little joy and happiness around the world instead there is a lot of anger and despair at events that assail our sense of justice and honour, our moral code and our desire for peace. To some all hope seems lost and the future looks bleak.

We should remember however that the world the The Lord, Jesus, was born into was a similar world. Many at that time had lost hope, people were subjected to violence. There was confusion and turmoil as people were oppressed by their rulers who often treated them badly with so many killed for opposing those in power. There was little peace in lives. Darkness seemed to be ruling the world and immorality abounded as many did not know God and His love.

Then it all changed with the birth of the Son of God. The Lord, Jesus, chose this time to come into the world and to shine His divine light into the darkness. He came to bring the truth into the world so that man could live to His truth and find the way home to heaven in Him. While He was on the earth the suffering continued but He confronted that suffering with love and offered the way to people to face the suffering in the world by living to His truth.

The immorality continued but He showed people the correct and moral way to live and to love. People were still oppressed but He offered freedom in His love. Turmoil abounded but He opened His heart for mankind to find peace in His love. The Lord, Jesus, in His birth brought hope to mankind, hope of a better future and eternal life in Heaven. In His life He encouraged mankind to look beyond the world and not to be imprisoned by it instead to look to heaven and to be free and at peace knowing the eternal life in heaven was awaiting. A heavenly life full of joy and happiness so far beyond anything a person could experience on earth. Now God was with man and all would be well.

Today it is important we do not lose sight of what the Lord, Jesus, brought to earth and offered to mankind. Today we should try, even though it may be hard, try to look beyond the world and keep focused on God in heaven. The Lord, Jesus, is with us He has not deserted mankind and He will not let us fall if we hold on to Him in love.

As we look to the baby Jesus at this time of celebrating His birth it is time to ask Him once again to fill us with the Joy of His love, the peace of His love, the security of His love and the hope found in His love. These are the gifts we should be desiring at Christmas time so that the divine light of Christ can fill us and through us touch many others so that they may too come to baby Jesus and cry out from their hearts, 'Jesus, I love you'. When the Lord, Jesus, hears their cry He will surely reach into their hearts and fill them with the love, the happiness, the joy, the peace and the hope that are the true gifts of Christmas.

God is still with us let us not forget that no matter what happens and let us trust completely in Him that all will be well and that He will return one day bringing an end to all that is wrong on the earth. God is with us let us remain with Him in love and hope... O come O come Emmanuel.

Merry Christmas,
Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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