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April 4, 2021


Let us be raised above the darkness of evil in the world by clinging to The Risen Lord, Jesus. He has defeated the darkness and malice of evil and overcome the tomb by the power of His divine love. The truth of God overcame the deceit of evil and showed the all powerful love of God in and through His only Son, Jesus. No longer can evil lay claim to the souls of mankind as all people are given the hope and opportunity to be lifted beyond death to eternal glory in heaven. It is only those who choose to give evil their souls by living as evil asks who let the evil one claim their souls as they freely offer them to him. Today in the world the face of evil is no longer hidden it is blatant shown throughout society for evil has brought many to no longer fear evil but to embrace it and to see evil as a normal part of life. These are the ones who need help in finding a new life in The risen Lord, Jesus. These are the ones who Christians need to show that The Lord is truly risen and has overcome all evil and that those who embrace His victorious love can live full, happy and blessed lives. It is by sharing the truth of the Risen Lord that we can help raise up others to Him so that they can be brought to true life in Him.

Fear not the evil in the world, it has been defeated. Do not cower as evil seems to be getting stronger but know that this is a deception that will come to an end for the victory on the cross and in the resurrection has assured this. Stand up and be counted as one of the risen people who, by God’s grace, rise above the evil in the world and show the glorious love of Christ, Our Risen Lord, to all. Let us not be entombed in fear but let us be set free knowing that evil is defeated and that the eternal love of God, Jesus Christ, is the victor and reigns supreme over all.

Happy Easter,

Alan Ames

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