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Nov. 22nd, 2016


My Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

In recent times I have been requested by many people to comment on the state of the Church and the state of the faith as there seems to be an uncertainty in the minds of some as to what the future is for the Church and our Catholic faith. First, I must say I am no authority on the Church or our faith and can only share with people what the Lord has revealed to me. I have no formal religious education and do not study religion or our faith. All understanding I have has been given to me by the Lord and it seems to reflect very closely the teachings of the Church.

When The Lord first began instructing me, He said that I should always be obedient to the Church and its' teachings unless it went against faith or morals and this is what I hope to do and I try to do. He explained that it is through obedience a person can grow in faith and be open to grace because that obedience is an expression of a persons love for God which in itself is a key that opens the soul to receive grace and the strength that comes with it to embrace the faith. Obedience is a cornerstone of our faith and of our love for God, and as we live obedient lives we become examples to others what it means to live a catholic life and it helps others to join us in that way of life.

When He spoke of matters going against faith or morals it was explained that if the Church was to ask me to sin or accept sin I should not be obedient to that, of course I am sure the Church would not do that. If the Church said that immorality in any form was acceptable I did not have to believe that. That if the Church was to change church teaching that was handed down to us from the Church fathers I should be very careful and check with the catechism of the Church if it was correct and if the Church was to change or deny the Word of the Lord I should not accept that either. Other than that I must be obedient unto death to the Church for the Church is the house of the Father, it is the body of Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit.

So I encourage people to do the same, to have a complete obedience to the Church unless it goes against faith or morals even when they do not understand where the Church is leading people and there may be some confusion in the minds and hearts of the faithful as to the direction we are going. Remember what you read or hear in the media secular or even in some religious media forms is often distorted and we should not accept what the media says without checking directly with the Church itself as to what the truth is. Also remember God has all in hand and He is guiding the Church in seen and unseen ways. We need to trust in Him totally that all will be well and follow the Church He has given us with an obedient love.

If people find this difficult to do then I suggest they turn to the Holy Spirit in prayer and ask for the grace to do so. Pray for the grace to accept and believe that it is God leading us and He will not lead the Church away from Him, instead He will lead it to Him. Evil has always worked to sow confusion and uncertainty into the minds of the faithful as it tries to lead the people of the Church into disobedience. Remember, the evil one is the prince of disobedience, let us not follow him in this but instead follow the true example of Christ, Our Lord; obedience to God no matter what the cost.

May God bless you all abundantly,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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