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Janurary 9, 2021

How blessed we are.

Even if all those around you succumb to the world and the darkness within it, stand firm in your faith. It is by you holding on to The Lord, Jesus, in love that His love through you will help others recognise the darkness and come to reject it. At times it may seem hopeless as darkness spreads and envelops so many lives, including the lives of our loved ones. However, we should understand that it is these times we are here for. God has placed us here and now so we can be the ones who bring the divine light of Christ to those lost in the dark. The light we can bring is not our own light but the light from which all light comes from; the light that is the love of God, Jesus. The light that can be magnified through us and unite with the love God has placed within our souls to become a flame of love burning so brightly all can be touched by it and brought out of the shadows.

If we can keep our faith and not let the events in the world draw us into despair and hopelessness then God’s grace through us will lead others out of despair and hopelessness. This is the work The Lord, has called us to do. We, His servants of love, are here to serve Him by bringing to Him all who are separated from Him by the world and the powers of darkness within it. If we do not stand firm and we let our faith be weakened by fear of what is happening or just accepting the wrong in the world then who will The Lord, Jesus, use to do His will? If we betray Him in this time of distress how can we expect the world to be a better place? We are called by God’s grace to save the world, to save our families, to save our friends, to save all we encounter and to save souls.

What a blessed call that is and if we answer it and do our duty in love of God and of others then truly we will be called blessed.

God bless,

Alan Ames

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