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Self Centered Society
Apr 30, 2011

This is an excerpt from Alan's next book which will be published in about 2-3 months

Evil has brought the focus of many people onto self so as to take the focus from God.

Simple things that may sound to some as if they are right but in truth are very wrong have been used to create a self–centred society. ‘Do what you like as long as it hurts no one,’ to some sounds reasonable because they do not understand in doing what you want often means embracing sin in various forms. It suggests do what you want and anything is justified as long as others are not injured. Yet when people do what they want sexually people are hurt emotionally, sometimes physically and spiritually. How many wives or husbands are hurt by adultery? How many people are hurt when they are taken advantage of sexually and then discarded, when the person they may love but does not love them, no longer has a desire for them?

Do what you want also has led many people to experiment with illegal drugs. Some say they take drugs and it only affects them, it has nothing to do with anyone else. They say that drugs bring them wonderful experiences that are pleasurable. They should be free to use drugs as they like. Who has the right to say they should not? Of course this is all about self and the truth is that when people are drawn into the darkness of drugs of addiction many are hurt, many are affected. The rights of others are never truly considered by those who take drugs of addiction. The drug addicts often lose any respect they have for others. The rights of the families that they come from which so often are broken because of the drug users actions. The parents whose children become different people and treat their mothers and fathers terribly, often stealing from the family and friends to get the money to feed their need for drugs. The pain of parents whose children die from or are killed because of illegal drugs. The cost to society with the violence and crime associated with drugs and drug use. The cost of medical treatment for drug addicts.

Then there is the effect on the person themselves with health problems. The loss of self respect as so many think little of themselves after a while and at times are prepared to do anything to get the drugs they desire. So many become prostitutes, thieves, liars, manipulators or beggars on the street with no home to go to. So many commit suicide or die of accidental overdoses or from the diseases associated with drug taking. I wonder at times how people can be so blind and so foolish. A person only has to look and see does anyone who is addicted to drugs really benefit from it. All have problems rich and poor alike. Drugs do not improve life except for some of those evil people making money from selling and distributing them. Drugs of addiction make life worse for those who use them yet still so many experiment with drugs. Who can you look at and say it was drugs that made them successful, healthy and a good person? Who can you look at and say thank God they took heroin or cocaine it really helped them be a better person, it helped them have better morals and to behave better? While you can see many using drugs and glorifying drug use you cannot truly see any benefit from drugs of addiction. But then isn’t this the way of evil; use something that at first may bring some pleasure but in the end always has a high price attached to it and for some that price is their very soul. Most of the drug addicts and the drug users truly are selfish people who put their own pleasure, their desires before anything or anyone else. Many know what they do is wrong but they try to hide or deny this truth using all sorts of foolish justifications for their weakness. To help ease their consciences or to make what they do more acceptable or even legal not only drug users but also homosexuals, abortionists and many others doing wrong try to persuade or even force society to approve of their actions. For once accepted by society then those doing wrong feel vindicated. That they were right and their bad actions are not bad at all, it is just that some bigots or religious fanatics opposed their way of life. Those who live in a bad way also tsry to draw other people into their way of life for they seem to think the more people doing what they do the more justified it is. Also beneath this is the action of evil working through the weaknesses of those living in a bad way to lead others into a bad life. Evil wants as many people to suffer as possible so the evil one gives the warped desire to some to draw others into their suffering; some believing their suffering shared is their suffering lessened. It is like a cancer spreading through society.

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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