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Jul 1, 2012

Here is an excerpt from Alan's new book 'The Battle for Lives and Souls'.

There is a great risk in the embracing of the immoral cultural changes that have been introduced to mankind through those who sought a better world but sought it in the wrong way. The risk is that there will be a counter movement that will take society further in the opposite direction. It is certain that there are those who do not like the extreme liberalism that many try to impose on society and desire for it to be halted.

The pendulum has swung so far into immorality that it is almost certain there will be a correction. The problem is that instead of having a correction that brings society to its senses and to living as mankind is meant to there could be a correction that brings evil in other forms into society through extreme conservative and nationalistic views.

There are those who because they can find no meaning in life now, as they are not taught or shown true values, look for something to bring sense and order into life and so are open to manipulation by extreme ideologies. There are those who because they do not know the truth of God’s love as revealed in Jesus Christ, have turmoil and no peace within and so may accept some other belief in God as truth, a belief which may be extreme and authoritarian.

There is already an authoritarian political system, which under the name of religion seeks to completely control peoples’ lives using the name of God to do so. A faith which denies the divinity of Jesus. A faith which forces its will upon people through threats and fear. A faith which says convert or die. A faith which says if a person changes beliefs they are to be killed. A faith that states if a person blasphemes they are to be killed. A faith that does not see all as equal but sees females as less than men. A faith that believes in polygamy. A faith that marries young women to old men and if the girl refuses she can be killed. A religion that allows honour killings for those women who dare to fall in love with a non-believer and want to marry him. A religious system which in various countries that does not want women to be educated. A faith that accepts slavery. A faith that believes in magical spirits such as Gin’s or Genies. A faith that states it is acceptable to lie to your enemies and to kill those who do not believe. A faith that stones people to death (the devil is in the detail as it is prescribed that only certain sized stones may be used). A faith where the founder said never make friends with a Christian or a Jew.

Some are foolishly turning to this belief system in their unhappiness with the way society is. It is interesting that numbers of African Americans join this faith as they are angry or upset with the way they have been and are treated in the U.S.A. Some, justifiably at times, complain about the slavery of the past and bad treatment that may be still happening but are blind to the fact that in the world today under the faith they have joined slavery is alive and active, that many people are treated the same if not far worse than the African Americans were and are. Is slavery only wrong when it happens to your own people but acceptable when it is others being enslaved? How many do we hear speaking out against this evil wherever it is and whoever is doing it? Some see Christianity is to blame for the bad that has happened to them but while Christians may have behaved in terrible ways and treated others badly, the faith Jesus Christ gave to mankind is one that sees all as equal and demands respect for all. It is the faith of peace, love and forgiveness. It is the faith that offers freedom of choice to all as this Holy Catholic faith understands that God has given each person free will and that free will is to be respected even when the people may make the wrong choices.

It is also interesting as I meet many Africans around the world that some claim that this authoritarian belief system is part of their African heritage. How can that be for Christianity was in Africa long before this religion ever existed? As this faith is spreading throughout the world through migration and conversion of those disillusioned with the liberal societies it is possible that in the future those who reject Christ and His gentle and tender love will find themselves forced to do what they do not want to. They will find themselves living under strict laws with little compassion or mercy. The immorality many accept today will be crushed with an iron fist. Women’s equality will disappear. There will be no respect for an individual’s free will.

Jesus, Christ, in His One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church offers mankind true freedom in Him. Yet many reject this offer and are at risk of becoming unwilling subjects of an authoritarian system that allows little freedom and forces all to live in ways that truly are ways of enslavement.


Alan Ames Ministry

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