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Lack of Respect
Aug 10 2011


Here is an excerpt from Alan's new book 'The Battle for Lives and Souls'. It is interesting how some of this is reflected in the actions of those rioting in these times.


The lack of respect is not only among those who have addictions to substances but is becoming ingrained in society. People do not respect themselves and that is plain to see by the behaviour in the world today. The lack of self-respect can be seen in the relationships many have with others as the person lets their body be used as if it is of little value when in fact our bodies are wonderful gifts of love given by God and to be treasured. Yet, so many do not respect their own bodies in the immoral ways they use them. Bodies filled with substances of addiction. Bodies disfigured with all sorts of piercings in the eyelids, ears, nose, mouth, lips, tongue, breasts, stomach and genital areas. Bodies covered in tattoos. (The plastic surgeons must be looking ahead in great anticipation to the time when many of those with tattoos will want them removed!) Bodies disrespected by the way people dress, which can make some look as if they work in brothels and yet it is called fashion!

It is interesting that a great number seem to be addicted to shopping and saying things like shop till you drop. For some shopping has become one of the main focuses in their lives. They have to have the latest and best whatever it is. Be it computers, phones, sneakers, and clothes etc. Yet with so many buying the latest fashions as I walk the streets in some countries people seem to dress in unkempt and scruffy ways. It is hard at times to see a well-dressed person. Where are all the clothes people have bought? Why are people going and buying so many clothes and still look scruffy? This addiction to shopping is just another sign of the emptiness within that many have because they live in ways that cannot possibly fill the soul. So they try to fill the emptiness with things that cannot fill, but just soothes for a while. Sadly in this addiction the person who has it often wastes as they buy that which they do not truly need. In doing so they are not only wasting their own resources but also wasting that which could be used to help those in need. If, instead of buying something that is used once or twice and then put aside or buying something that was unnecessary the money was used to help the poor, then the money would be used in a good way instead of a selfish wasteful way. There is nothing wrong with shopping except if the shopping is done to excess and is wasteful. We all need clothes etc., but how many do we need? How many shirts do we need to wear? How many dresses do we truly need? How many pairs of shoes? Sadly many do not ask themselves this question and answer it truthfully. Many do not have the self-restraint needed to control themselves because society promotes a lack of self-restraint and encourages people to get whatever they want. Self first and whatever you want is what society in various countries teaches today. There has also been a lack of discipline in the lives of the young as some of the so called free thinkers believe children should be allowed to express themselves without any barriers. When children are not given some guidelines and taught what is appropriate and

what is not then they cannot learn how to behave properly. No wonder the young are so confused. No wonder so many of the young get lost in life for they have few good examples to follow. In the movies, on television, in the music and the games they play there are many bad examples and bad role models. If the young are not given a clear understanding of what is right and what is wrong how can we expect them to behave in good ways? If those the young have had placed before them as role models promote bad behaviour by their own bad behaviour can we expect any different from the young? How can parents expect their children to respect them if the parents in their own lives are not respectful of others, of life and of self?

Bad language is commonplace and words that would have been condemned in the past for the disgrace they are have become part of everyday vocabulary. Insulting language full of expletives is the language many in society use and see no wrong in it. There has been a dumbing down of society and this is reflected in the way people speak to each other. Why people believe it is funny or acceptable to be abusive in words is hard to understand except when you look and see the hand of evil at work. Evil does not want people to speak nicely, it prefers bad language. Bad words are one of the evil one’s instruments used to lower moral standards and reduce respect for one another. Evil also can use bad words to hurt, to insult, to upset, to offend or to cause problems and foolishly many people become his vessels for doing so. Instead of being polite and gracious, people in their words have become abusive and vile. Bad words only reflect the darkness and confusion within and lowers the person speaking them not only morally but spiritually too. If a person cannot say a good word they should say nothing. Bad words show the immaturity, the foolishness and the moral decay of people. Foul words open hearts and souls to evil just as good and holy words open hearts and souls to God.

In the past many of the young looked to the saints for their inspiration in life today however, it seems the saints have been replaced in many lives as role models by the rich, the famous, the prideful and the self-centred. The entertainers, the famous and the wealthy often believe they are something special, better than others, because society has placed them on pedestals and encouraged them to have these false beliefs about themselves. It seems the good role models are few and far between and those who do act in good ways or promote good and wholesome lifestyles are often attacked for doing so. Some are called religious fanatics, extremists, old-fashioned, out of touch or just plain crazy. They are mocked, abused and even attacked physically at times for promoting what is good. But then isn’t that what evil has always done to good people.

Those who called for tolerance in the past have in many cases become the new intolerant. If people do not accept the new ideologies and the new lifestyles promoted by the immoral then the moral are seen as bigots, as denying people their rights. Yet, the rights of the moral people are given little consideration if any at all. The moral are now the ones who are being discriminated against in some countries as the immoral influence governments and have what is wrong sometimes becoming government policy. To oppose these policies can mean fines, losing of a job or even imprisonment. Yet, the very same people who in the past were calling for an end to oppression now oppress those who do not agree with them and either do not realize what they are doing or just do not care as long as they get their own way.

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