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This is an extract from the book 'A better way' which I thought people might like to read because of all the controversies between faiths today:


The claim in various powerful and democratic countries is that theocracy is dangerous and must be avoided at all costs. The finger is pointed to the theocratic nations that rule with rods of iron.

The theocracies that only accept one belief and persecute and kill those who have different beliefs or oppose the official theocratic line.

The theocracies that force people to believe through intimidation and fear.

The theocracies that declare war on others in the name of God. The theocracies who brainwash whole generations to believe and giving those generations no opportunity to question what they are ordered to believe.

The theocracies that say if you stop believing, if you become an apostate you will die.

The theocracies that say one gender is superior to the other.

These theocracies in truth are not theocracies but dictatorships.

A true theocracy is where God’s love and God’s laws come first in all to do with life. The laws of My Father are not commands that are forced upon people but commands given for people to freely follow in love. The laws of a theocracy would be the laws based on the commandments, based on mercy and based on love. A true theocracy would love God first, then love every person, respect every person equally and as My Father does, give every person the freedom to choose. In a true theocracy there would be no rod of iron but the gentle embrace of love. While a true theocracy would believe in the one God it would allow others their beliefs while gently encouraging and guiding those of other beliefs to come to know the one true God of all. There would be no intimidation, no persecution, no brainwashing and no punishment for not believing, only prayers, hope and a strong desire for the non believers to convert freely of their own will.

No true theocracy would call its people to war in the name of God for all would know that I am the God of peace not war. A true theocracy is the best system of government for all people, for it is the system of love, of mercy, of respect, of equality and of peace. However, because of man’s desire for power, man’s greed and selfishness a true theocracy has not been known or seen in the world outside of My Church. How pleased satan is with this, for in denying what is right and what is best for it mankind turns back into self, back into humanism, back into paganism and back into the arms of the evil one.


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