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This is an extract from the book 'A better way'. In this book The Lord Jesus explains where and how evil has led mankind away from God and how mankind has been frequently blinded to the mistakes it makes.

Today's Pharisees

The evil one attempts to enlarge little disagreements so as to create anger and resentment in the Church. An example of this are those who have broken away from the Church because they believe only one language, Latin, should be used in the Holy Mass. Yet, the Holy Spirit, through the Church has directed that any language can be used. Foolish people seem to think that the language is holy when in fact it is the Eucharist that is holy and as long as the Holy Mass is said in the correct form, it does not matter what language is used. The important thing is the Sacrament not in which language it is said. If this were not so then I would have spoken the Holy Words at the Last Supper in Latin and told all to do the same. I did not. I used the language of the people making each word holy as I spoke it. In the Eucharist it is the same, each word, regardless of which language it is, becomes holy in the Sacrament. So, as long as the Eucharist is celebrated in the right way all languages are acceptable. Those who disagree with this or deny this in doing so deny that all the Holy Masses said in other languages are valid and so deny My Father and Myself and My Holy Spirit in these Masses. This truly is a grievous error.

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