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All Will Be Well
Aug 22, 2020

A mystic of the middle ages Julian of Norwich wrote, 'All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.’

In these days it is good to find comfort in these words with so much confusion and suffering in life.

No matter what happens those of faith should hold onto Our Lord, Jesus, trusting in Him that all will be well for the truth is that it will be.

It may seem now as people are having their freedoms taken away, denied the right even to go to church and unable to live normal lives that darkness is winning, but it is not. This is but a temporary time of struggle that sadly has heavy crosses for many but it is a time that will end and freedom will return. The Lord, Jesus, will not and never has abandoned us. He is there with us and He will lead us through this darkness to a life of grace in Him, if we trust in Him and let Him reign supreme in our lives.

There are those in power in some places that are trying to use the difficult situation mankind is in, to spread their agenda and to increase their power over us. This is not new, this is what has happened before in different and ways and will happen again. For me one of the saddest things is how easily so many have submitted to the will of those in power because of the fear that has been instilled in them, the fear of getting a virus and dying. We seem to have forgotten that death is not to be feared, as through it we find eternal joy in The Lord, Jesus. Of course we should not be foolish and we must take care of ourselves but we should not be afraid. If we let fear control us then it is easy for people to be manipulated and for people to let those in power imprison us and get us to do their will. We must take care because if we do not speak up against what is unnecessary or wrong then the burdens placed upon us may get greater.

We must consider not only what a disease may do to our bodies but what is forced upon us may do to our soul and to our sanity. I have had so many people contacting me who are depressed about what is happening and know of some who have committed suicide because of it. Recently my wife was told that a grandmother lost her 10 year old grandchild to suicide because the child had lost hope in life. I hear from many who are depressed because they cannot go to church. Hopefully soon these restrictions will be lifted. Today there is little joy or hope in life. When people are told by their leaders they will have to live life in a different way for years to come this in itself depresses people.

If we let our freedoms be taken away then a life of despair lays ahead. But if we live free in the love of The Lord, Jesus, then a life of peace and joy can be for everyone.

If we, as followers of The Lord, Jesus, keep our trust in Him knowing all will be well and live accordingly, then we will bring hope not only into our lives but into the lives of others and help lift them out of the darkness of depression.

If we spread hope and not despair, if we show others there is nothing to fear, if we lead others to The Lord, then they too will come to know and believe all will be well.

This time is a time of great challenge for all, a time of heavy crosses but it a time where our faith can grow and our lives can be grace-filled. If we as followers of The Lord, face the challenges in His love and by His grace and even ask The Lord, Jesus, to give us some of the crosses of others to carry then we will become the saints of today who helped mankind face the evil that is upon us and overcome it as we should; In Jesus, with Jesus, and through Jesus.

If we do this then we can be assured ‘All shall be well.’

God love and strengthen you all.

Alan Ames

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