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Interview with Alan Ames

Alan, by all accounts, the United States government and NATO are preparing for war in retaliation for the attack of September 11, 2001. What is the appropriate Christian response -- or in other words -- what would Jesus have us do?

Answer: Jesus tells me that we must turn the other cheek and offer love and forgiveness to those responsible for this attack on America. We, as Christians, must reach out with open arms and love our enemy. By loving and forgiving, we are living the message of the New Testament, not the Old Testament - which calls for an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament. The fruit of the crucifixion is the ability to forgive. The New Testament tells us that we must love and forgive everyone -- not kill them when we feel it is justified. Realize the difference between revenge and justice. Revenge is not of God, justice is.

Revenge killing is wrong. War is wrong. The moment we seek revenge, the instant we set about to kill our enemy -- even in the name of war -- we are no different from the terrorists. If we kill people -- any people -- we too are murderers. No exception. God's commandment that thou shalt not kill does not have such a caveat. It does not say thou shalt not kill -- except in times of war. It say thou shalt not kill, period.

Jesus tells me the correct Christian response is to track down the perpetrators and bring them to justice -- according to the rule of law. This is the only way, for it is God's way.

There lies before us the heroic opportunity to forgive. One mustn't sacrifice his own soul for the sake of revenge. No Christian should consider revenge as an option. Bombs will not stop evil, they will only fuel it."Violence begets violence, sin begets sin and love begets love." Message to Alan Ames from Lord Jesus 10/22/94.

The following is a message to Alan Ames from God The Father on April 2, 1995, which directly addresses America's current dilemma:

"Thou shalt not kill is another commandment I have given to My children. Why should I give this commandment? Why should I say that to kill is wrong? The explanation is very simple; if you kill another knowingly, then you destroy My creation, a creation of love. Not only do you destroy My creation in another but you destroy your very soul, you deny yourself eternal life in heaven.

There are many ways of killing and many excuses for it but whatever the way, whatever the reason, it is still wrong, it is still a sin. If you kill for justice or for what is right, this is a sin. If you kill for truth and honor, this is a sin; if you kill for revenge or for your country, this is a sin. All killing is a sin unless it is an accident, unless it was not meant to happen.

The taking of a life no matter what the reason offends Me your God deeply and it scars your soul mortally.

Those who agree to killing, whether it be through their governments in wars or in justice, carry the scars also. Those who agree to killing as an act of mercy, as an act of help for those in pain, still carry this scar on their souls. Those who stand by and watch as others kill and say nothing, by their inaction scar their very souls. Those who kill to stop killing become the same as those they oppose, they become filled with sin. All killing is wrong, all killing offends Me your God and all killing leads you away from God."

Question: Why does God allow such suffering?

Answer: God does not allow suffering. He gave us free will -- the choice to choose good or evil. Some choose evil. God gave mankind this free will because He loves mankind and did not want to force His Will upon us.

Message to Alan Ames from God, The Holy Spirit regarding free will:

"The joy that can be man's is the joy of God's forgiveness -- mercy, love, and willingness to take man back into His arms. If man can come to understand what can be his, then sin will leave this earth, evil will disappear. It is all up to mankind with the free choice it has been given, with the love, and with the graces God has been given mankind.

God will never force His will upon man; He will only guide and advise, then He leaves it to man to decide his own future. God lets man determine his own destiny. God loves man and from this love comes God's will that man may choose freely, that man should see the right path and take it. There is only one path to God and that is through His Son, Jesus, and by following Jesus' example on how to live and how to give."

Question: Alan, could you comment on the run on guns and ammunition which has occurred in this country since the attack of September 11, 2001.

Answer: Christians should give away their guns. Jesus did not have a gun or knife. Get rid of your weapons of death. Prayer is a weapon more powerful than an atomic bomb. Prayer and fasting demonstrates our trust and faith in God - and they can and have stopped wars. There is no other way.

The following are several messages to Alan Ames regarding the power of prayer:

"Rather be in prayer, than in fear.
Better to be in love, than to hate.
Expect to be in battle, than in quiet.
The battle that overcomes fear and hate
with prayers and love."
Lord Jesus (1/17/95)

"If only the world would look to the Lord God Jesus' words, actions and prayers, it would see that this is the true way to peace. Is not the Lord Jesus the Prince of Peace? Is not the Lord Jesus the living love of God? Is not the Lord Jesus the only true security for man?"
Our Lady (8/26/94)

"In times of difficulties, just turn to Me for I long to help. In time of confusion, just turn to Me for I give you peace. In time of uncertainty, just turn to Me and I will strengthen you. Just turn to Me in prayer and I am there."
Lord Jesus (1/21/95)

"Trust in God is the strongest weapon against the dark. With your trust you show your love of God and with your love you defeat evil."
Holy Spirit (2/12/95)

Question: Inevitably, in times such as this, people start to stockpile supplies. Is this as appropriate response?

Answer: Ridiculous. We must trust in God to supply all that we need.

Question: If you had the opportunity to talk with President Bush - what advice would you give to him?

Answer: To read the foregoing and to follow God's commands. We must work to change the entire thinking of America. America, so very blessed, must share its' gifts with all countries. America cannot be biased towards one country versus another. If we are biased and, thus treat one country differently than another, it results in anger and hatred. It is such hatred that breeds the terrorists that we have seen. In God's eyes all people are equal. It should be no different for America - a country so blessed.

Interview conducted with Constance A. Camus September 15, 2001.

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