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Darkness and Light
Feb 27, 2019

To me it has become so obvious that the prince of darkness rules the world. There is chaos in so many countries, corruption in many societies, immorality abounds, hatred of others seems to increase. People are forced or coerced to accept or educated to believe in what is wrong as human rights which in fact are human wrongs. Life is of little value especially the sweet innocent unborn babies. By some even the natural physical order of man is no longer respected. Religious beliefs are attacked if they do not accept the immoral beliefs of society. People are encouraged to focus on self and in doing so become blinded by darkness as if a person is focused on self how can they see anything clearly?

Democracy is in its death throws as election or referendum results are often no longer accepted by those who lost or the elite who want no change. Electoral systems are manipulated to get the result desired and so the will of the people is ignored. Democratically elected governments are overthrown or attacked by those proclaiming to defend democracy. There is corruption in many governments and of because of this so many suffer while the few benefit.

The justice systems of many countries bow to political pressure or are influenced by public opinion and the story lines that the media or online social media sites often present and facts seem to mean little. Accusations without evidence leads to people being declared and found guilty. The innocent even when they have witnesses to corroborate their innocence are found guilty on uncorroborated evidence. Also those who claim to be innocent and maintain their innocence after being found guilty are said to have shown no remorse and condemned for that but why would you show remorse if you are innocent? To show remorse would say you are guilty. So it seems when innocent people who maintain their innocence are terrible for doing so.

The arms race appears to have returned with more powerful and deadly weapons being developed. Aggression between nations continue. Aggression between people grows and violence at times is used to stop those who oppose what a certain group believe in. Freedom of speech is slipping away in some countries as people can no longer express what they believe in without being prosecuted and even jailed. If a person speaks in a politically incorrect way they are condemned as bigotted. Today many live under the illusion they are free, not realising they are prisoners of those who manipulate, control and exploit them. The world is regressing not progressing and the history of mankind shows when it is like this in the world something happens to change it. The history of mankind is one of foolishness where we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over.

It is a dark picture in the world today but do not despair hold firm to Our Lord, Jesus. Hold firm even when you are abused and attacked for doing so as it will be through those who cling to Him that His light will illuminate the dark and expose to all the errors of the way we live. The Lord, Jesus, suffered for mankind on the cross and even though He saw all the terrible, foolish and evil things mankind did and would do He called to the Father for our forgiveness. He did not turn away even from those who abused Him. He kept loving and in His love kept showing the truth of God to all. Today if we hold firmly onto Him, cling to Him on the cross then through us His divine truth will become known and overcome the corruption and deceit. His divine light will destroy the darkness. His purity will overcome the immorality. His peace will overcome the turmoil and violence. If we keep loving His love in our love will overcome the hatred. We are meant to be the innocent ones who go out to others in imitation of the Innocent One who was found guilty by man and was crucified by man. If we are found guilty by man for doing so embrace that and any suffering that comes with it for in heaven we are truly innocent and it is heaven we should look to pleasing, not the world. In our suffering for the truth of God and for the hope of salvation for others we become Christlike and become the vessels of grace He calls us to be.

For nearly 2000 years Catholicism and the Church has been under attack for standing for Christ but it has stood firm. Now once more it is under attack by a corrupt and immoral world ruled by the prince of darkness but if we stand firm and only let the Prince of Peace, The Lord, Jesus, rule in our lives then we, by God’s grace will be the ones to change the world, we will be the ones to pass on a strong, holy and sacrificial church to our children and their children. Let us stand against the darkness and truly be children of the light, the followers of Christ He Who is the light.

God bless,

alan ames


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