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Do Not Fear Persecution
Mar 7, 2009

Many Catholics are concerned over the anti-Christian stances of governments, politicians and organisations which promote opposing lifestyles to that which Christians try to live.

A growing intolerance by those who claim to be tolerant is raising its' ugly head. Those who call for freedom of speech often only want that free speech if it agrees with what they say. Those who speak out against the wrongs promoted openly in the world today are attacked in an effort to silence them and are called bigots, narrow minded, homophobic etc. and maybe are threatened with legal action if they will not stop professing the truth of their faith.

When Christians speak out against same sex marriages because they understand the sacredness of marriage, it is claimed that they are trying to deny the rights of homosexuals but what is forgotten is that it is not a right that homosexuals can marry it is a grievous wrong. Marriage is between a man and a woman. NO ONE else.

When Christians object to children being adopted by same sex couples some say they are heartless and are denying those who cannot have children the opportunity to have a family. The child of course is forgotten and so are the bad moral and spiritual effects that will be placed upon the child by being put in such an abnormal situation. The institutions that refuse to give children for adoption to same sex couples are given the choice by some governments to obey or to close their adoption agencies.

When a Catholic speaks out against abortion they may be painted as extremists or people who are ignorant to the truth of when life begins. The rights of the woman become the only consideration and the rights of the baby are completely ignored and no one has the right, according to some, to say anything different. Christian hospitals may be forced to either perform abortions against their faith belief or face legal consequences. Health workers who oppose abortion may have their right of a conscience taken from them and forced to perform or assist with abortions or forced to recommend abortions. The freedom of the Christian to believe is ignored or denied.

When a Christian speaks out against fetal stem cell use they are sometimes looked upon as those who do not care about people with serious diseases that may be helped by the stem cells. Of course what is denied is the fact that babies are being killed so that it might help someone overcome an illness and that it is those who love Christ that are defending the innocents who cannot defend themselves.

When Christians speak of abstinence they are mocked and thought of those who are not living in the real world. Those who want to save themselves for marriage are often ridiculed. Yet, promiscuity is promoted openly as a natural and good expression of a person’s humanity and all the terrible consequences of it are ignored.

Christian schools in some countries are forced to accept programmes opposed to Christian belief. Prayer or religious symbols are frowned upon and may not be worn in some public schools.

Employees in some instances are forced not  to wear crucifixes or crosses.

With all this and more happening many Christians naturally feel under attack. However, what should be remembered is that it is in times of persecution the Catholic Church grows in strength and the faithful come closer to God. Persecution has been with the Catholic Church from the beginning and it is to be expected.

All Catholics should in these times be asking the Holy Spirit for the grace to live and proclaim their faith unafraid of the consequences. It is in these times Catholics can show the depth of their love for God by refusing anything that is in opposition to the law of God and by placing God’s law and God’s love before that of the world.

We have been given a glorious opportunity by God to show that we can be like the early church which, regardless of what the world did, held firm to the love of Christ. If we do we can be sure that because of our actions the future will be one where many will find full lives in Christ because of us.

Let us not fear persecution instead let us stand tall holding our faith up as a beacon that will draw many to it and let us thank God for the opportunity to do so.

God love you,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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