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The Holy Time of Easter
Apr 3, 2012

It was at the Holy time of Easter that the Lord, Jesus, showed how merciful and tender was His love for mankind. Even though He suffered terribly all He asked of The Father was mercy for mankind. Even though The Lord, Jesus, had all the power of God, he did not use that power to destroy those who abused Him. Instead, The Lord looked with tender love through His pain and saw the weakness of mankind and reached out to help people overcome their failings. With His gentle and divine heart open to all, The Lord accepted the suffering put upon Him so as to carry mankind’s suffering through sin into the tomb with Him and raise mankind up in His resurrection offering them the grace to overcome sin in His divine sacrifice.

The Lord, Jesus, revealed to mankind the true nature of God, that which is love and mercy, that which is tenderness and forgiveness.

Many are blind to this and see God as an authoritarian God who demands from mankind and punishes severely those who do not obey His divine will on earth. Some see God as distant and to be feared. Yet, Jesus, in His life and in His death, showed this is not how God is. He reminded mankind with His Sacrifice that God is love. That God loves mankind and is prepared to give His all to save mankind. That God is merciful and forgiving. That God does not want mankind to suffer but wants mankind to be free of pain in Him. The Lord as a prisoner on the cross, exposed to all the way to true freedom from sin and evil so that mankind could live in the light of His love and be happy in life.

God did this because He loves mankind and wants to lift mankind up in His divine glory. Not because it makes God any greater but because it makes mankind greater.

The message of the cross is there for all to see and if all ask the Holy Spirit to truly see it then all will come to know the truth of God’s love. The message of forgiving love, merciful love, suffering love, tender love and love that says to all I am here for each one of you.

May you all have a blessed Easter,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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