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The Strength We Need (Easter Message)
April 12, 2020


As we struggle through the suffering and madness in the world this Easter time, as darkness and fear seem to be all around, let us not lose hope. It is in times like these we face today that we need to cling to The Lord, Jesus. His Passion can bring us to a strength within that we could have never imagined before. If we look to the strength of love The Lord had as He endured through all that was inflicted upon Him, He never stopped trusting in The Father, He never stopped loving mankind. He never stopped hoping for mankind. When darkness surrounded Him and tried to overcome Him, The Lord stood firm in love. As His life ebbed away on the cross He did not stop trusting in The Father, He did not stop loving and He did not stop denying evil. With His last breath He poured out love and mercy for all mankind. The tomb could not imprison Him as he broke the grasp of death revealing the power of His divine love to all. The power that nothing can stand against, nothing can defeat and nothing can overcome. He rose in glory shining His divine light upon the world. Divine light rose from the darkness of the tomb to illuminate the world with love. In the shadows evil cowered as the divine power of God, of Jesus, showed its strength.

Now we as followers of The Lord need to to stand firm, to hold onto our God, our trust and our faith of love. In doing so the divine power of Christ will be with us. In that power we will find the strength we need to face the situation in the world. We will find the strength to endure no matter what is inflicted upon us. We will find the strength to keep loving God and others. Always hoping for the best for others not only ourselves. Even in the darkest moments when all may seem to be lost we will have the strength of faith and love to keep hoping in The Lord, knowing His divine power of love will sustain us and that His divine light will fill us and disperse the darkness that may surround us. We will have the strength to deny evil, as evil in this time of fear tries to draw people into sin or accepting sin. Evil will cower before us as the strength of The Lord makes us more powerful than all evil.

Through the suffering in the world we can be lifted up by The Lord, rising in glory with Him so that the world may be blessed through us by His grace and so that even though we may suffer, even if our lives ebb away, people will see The Risen Lord in us and find through us His strength there for them so that they too can find the peace, love, hope and strength they need to endure. We then will truly be images of the resurrected Lord for our souls, minds and bodies, will by His grace, rise in His divine glory to become the lights of hope to others in the world.

We will be raised heavenward as lights of love that will become one in the divine light of Christ and be one in His love eternally.

May God bless you all,

Alan Ames

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