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Evil Fruit
Nov 10, 2020

If there is anything in life that leads people from God then that in itself is evil and is to be avoided at all costs. Today there is so much that does this because people have become blind to the truth and as to what reality is. Instead, deceit and distortions of reality are accepted as what is correct. It is by doing this that people open themselves to evil and the pain it brings with it. Sometimes people accept that pain as they think it is just part of life and do not recognise that this pain is the fruit of evil and is so unnecessary. A bitter fruit that so many willingly eat. Of course often this is not the physical pain that many suffer due to illness or accidents but sometimes it is. It is the pain of a soul filled with darkness or of an empty soul, of a soul separated from God, of not knowing true love. It is the pain of loneliness, of being lost in life, of insecurity, of fearfulness, of rejection and so much more.

Eating the fruit of evil brings destruction to lives and to society which is just what evil wants to happen. It should be obvious to all that this is what is happening in the world today but so, so many are unaware or ignore this and carry on living their lives as the world around them decays. Ignoring what is happening does not make it go away or make it get better, it only allows things to get worse. Unfortunately, in the blindness of pride there are those who even deny the evil that is so clearly seen in the world. Evil today often does not even hide what it is doing, it is blatant and in the open and it does this because it does not need to hide as many do not reject it or oppose evil.

How the evil one and his minions laugh at the foolishness of mankind that leads to mankindís own destruction and causes many souls to go to the eternal suffering in hell. Some of course do not believe in hell but just because a person does not believe in something does not mean it isnít real. Hell is a reality of life, eternal life. A reality that awaits so many. Some say there is no hell except the hell on earth but nothing on earth compares to the suffering in hell. Suffering many walk to with open arms. Having seen hell I want no one to go there but sadly I know some will. The suffering they endure in hell breaks my heart and I long to help them but know I cannot. Suffering that is so intense and increases, never ending. To see the evil ones laughing and enjoying inflicting this pain on people over and over is a heavy cross to bear. That is why it is important that we help people in this life on earth not to walk the path to hell, but to heaven. Even the most evil person who has walked the earth you would not want to go to hell when you see what is there. Each day I pray to the Lord, I beg Him to have mercy on them, even though they have sinned against Him. Surely as followers of Christ we must forgive even the most evil people and ask The Lord to have mercy upon them. This can be hard to do especially if you have suffered at their hands but then as The Lord, Jesus, suffered at the hands of others He called out to the Father for their forgiveness.

The young are taught in some education systems that selfishness, self-centredness, immorality, greed are a normal part of life they should accept and embrace. They are taught that which goes against the laws of nature. That the unborn have no right to life and they are not even alive, even those born alive can be left to die. That the bed ridden, the disabled, the seriously ill, the elderly and the dying can easily be disposed of as they are more of a burden on mankind than they are of value. That how they think is the only right way to think and that anyone else who thinks differently is to be pitied or hated, they are right, all else is evil. It is acceptable to use violence to make sure no other way than what you have been taught to believe is accepted by society. It is alright to ignore the laws of the land to achieve your aims, for you are always correct. They are the tolerant and those who do not agree with them are the intolerant when in fact the reverse is true. That drugs of addiction are there to be enjoyed and that they bring people to a better life. That they have no responsibility for their actions. That the act of sex is just a physical act that should be seen as no more than that.

Taught that Christianity is a religion of discrimination that does a lot of harm and little good, so Christianity needs to be changed and Christians re-educated to have a secular centred religion that follows whatever society dictates as right. That the Word of God is just a fantasy made up by people to suppress minorities and take away their rights. Christianity is to be opposed as it is against equality for women and for those of various sexual orientations. It takes away their right to enjoy their bodies as they see fit.

Educated to believe that the environment is more important than human lives and that is why population control is needed as too many people damage the planet. That trees and animals are of equal or greater value than humans. Unfortunately some parents say nothing as these evils are taught to their children. They remain silent as evil seeds are planted in the hearts of the young. Seeds that grow and grow to bear the fruit of evil. No wonder the young are so confused and are lost in life. No wonder the world gets worse, for as the young grow they bring their confused and distorted values into society and often change it for the worse.


It is important that the truth is shared with the young so they can see what a good life is meant to be. That selfishness, self-centredness and greed not only hurts self but hurts others too. That all life is important; that all life is to be treasured. That people and mankind grow in love when they help the frail, the elderly, the unborn and do not dispose of them as if they are of little value. That the pain caused by euthanasia and abortion is a pain that remains in the souls of those who approve of them or partake of them. A pain that always has terrible consequences for the individual in their life and when their life ends on earth unless they repent. This pain is also shared by all of mankind, for these evils touch all souls around the world, for every soul knows the loss of a precious gift in a life.

Share the truth that the environment is important and should be taken care of and treated with respect. The plants and the animals are to be treasured. That all God has created is a gift of love to be loved. That mankind are guardians of creation and made so by God. That the lives of people are of more value, for each person is created in the image of God and all are called children of God for in truth, in and through The Lord, Jesus, we are. That mankind, when it cares for the environment as it should, grows closer to God, grows in grace and grows closer to the gifts we are given in creation. That there is enough food and all else for everyone on this planet and we do not need to cull the human population or reduce it. We just need to stop the greed, the waste and the corruption that causes people to starve or to be poor and in need. The truth that God created a paradise for mankind putting a man and woman in charge of it to live and enjoy that paradise. God created the animals for mankind and asked Adam to name them but it was Adam and then Eve that God had made this home for and created the wonderful animals for so they could live happy with them while still being above them. A paradise which mankind in its pride has changed into a misery but it can be a paradise again if we live as we are meant to live. It is the evil we accept in our lives that also attacks nature, for it corrupts it and brings decay. We are all linked to the planet and to the plants and animals and when we do wrong that not only affects us but affects them also. Creation groans and it groans by the suffering we cause it. When we live in harmony with God we live in harmony with all He has created and that is when a paradise will return. To live in harmony with God is to live how He asks us to live. It is important to love creation but first we must love God above all else, even self and love and treasure each person and it is when we start to love one another as we should that we learn through this to love all else.

The attacks on Christianity expose the craziness of what the young are being indoctrinated with. Christianity is the faith of love, kindness, forgiveness and compassion that tries to help the poor and needy. That treasures life, respects creation, says to not discriminate against anyone while still proclaiming the truth and says to live in peace with each other. This faith is attacked as being foolish or evil while at the same time religions and cults that teach intolerance are not confronted at all. Instead, the ones demanding Christianity change or demand it be controlled ignore those who would destroy them or deny them their rights. We as Christians must do our best to share and explain the beauty of our faith and our God. We must let them see in and through us that wonderful blessing of life that is our faith. We should not fear the abuse, ridicule and rejection that may come our way as we do this but instead stand firm in gentle love responding without hurting others, humbly professing the truth of Christ and His divine love for all. This is what the saints did before us and this is what we are called to do today.

As for sexuality when the boundaries are lifted and people are taught that anything is alright to do then there is no limit to the debauchery that follows. The wonderful gift of sex will lose its spiritual meaning and become nothing more than an animal act which does not truly satisfy. It follows that there is less and less pleasure in sex and so more and more immoral ways are embraced so as to maintain or increase the pleasure they seek. Then sex is no longer an act of love but of lust. The fruit of this is so many broken relationships, people alone, feeling used and feeling worthless. People not experiencing true love and not even knowing what it is and this then becomes an anchor around their necks which can lead into mental, emotional and physical problems. Broken lives, broken families and empty souls. When sex is treasured as the gift it is within a truly loving relationship the love grows within that relationship. As people give themselves completely to their loved one in a union of love the spirit is lifted, the soul is strengthened as the pure love grows and the two truly become one in the grace of God. As time goes on the union becomes more and more loving and the relationship becomes stronger so that even through the difficulties of life that union of love cannot be broken. Sex, a gift of God but like so many gifts He gives, it is one that is often abused.


With the emptiness of soul that comes with living a life focused on self and on pleasure as the pleasure diminishes drugs of addiction may be embraced by some so as to fill that emptiness and to expand and increase their feelings of pleasure. Usually it starts socially with so-called soft drugs but as time goes on and the effect of these gets less or is not as fulfilling as people want it can lead to harder drugs. These harder drugs may mask the emptiness for a while but soon it returns and then the emptiness may be replaced with a cloud of evil and the stench of evil as some are drawn into doing almost anything to feed the addiction they have. Steal, lie, cheat, sell their bodies, anything so they can get what they now not only crave but feel they cannot live without.

These tools of evil are very effective in destroying lives and souls. I have never met anyone that have been on drugs of addiction for a long time that have said that the drugs made their lives better, all say their lives are worse and I have met many. The physical pain, the spiritual pain and the emotional pain these people suffer is incredible. But not only them, their families and their friends suffer also as they see their loved one falling apart before them. It is important that we reach out to these people and try to help them as best we can through prayer and good works. We should understand that these are weak people who have been confused by the evil in society and have fallen prey to it. We should not condemn them but instead try to free them, where it is possible to do so, from the prisons they have locked themselves in. This does not mean giving into their demands so that they can carry on as they are but carefully guiding them along the right path. The chains that bind them often are hard to break but we should do our best to do so without putting ourselves and our families at risk.

It seems as if a generation has been brought up to accept no responsibility for their actions and do not expect to be called to account for any wrong they do, for they believe that they have the right to do it. Because of this some turn to violence, to destruction of property. In their minds this is alright, for they can do what they want regardless of who they hurt. They do not understand that if they are not called to account in this life for their wrongs they will be in the next. It is important to encourage people to use social platforms only for good, reminding them any bad they may put on these may come back to hurt them in the future. It is important to lead people away from focusing on these, as some become addicted to them and will put almost anything on them just to get some attention. Lead them by showing them they do not need this attention, for they are loved as they are. They do not need to be famous online, they just need to be happy in life. Privacy has almost disappeared but all should have the right to privacy. We should encourage people to be focused on more important things. When peoplesí minds are clouded by technology such as social platforms, frequent texting, headphones on much of the time, or being constantly on the phone then there is no room for God in the mind as the mind is filled with all this other clutter. It is impossible to have clarity of mind and a true understanding of life if this is the way they live. We need to, by example and with loving guidance, help people use these things less so that there is room for God to enter and people can find peace of mind in Him. If there is a space for God in the mind and in the heart He will fill it.


Today there are many goats in the world following the wrong shepherd who leads them along a path of darkness and misery and seem happy to follow him. In their bleating words and lives they call out to others to join them. This is done by encouraging people to not believe in God, to be disobedient to the Word of God, to live sinful lives, to be immoral, to put the world before God. It is also done by those in power corrupting and changing laws and society to bring their subjects to heel, to follow the wrong shepherd. Sometimes if the people reject what is being forced upon them that is wrong, those in power will use any means to get what they want. The peoplesí will so often means little to them. So force of law and at times of arms are used to make people comply so that eventually people will come to accept the wrongs.

Some of the wealthy and the powerful who seem to control society are often the knowing or sometimes the unknowing servants of evil as they force their will on society. Money that has corrupted them is used to corrupt others, power is used to persuade societies to walk along the wrong path. Some politicians will do anything to gain power and to stay in power and believe that no one else has the right to be in power. Elections at times are an inconvenience to them. They profess democracy but in truth are against the will of the people and it is only their own will that matters and what they want for mankind regardless of how many are hurt by this.

There are those in power or with great influence who claim to love God and follow His will that clearly do not live as God asks and do the complete opposite and pass laws that do not respect Godís will at all. Yet they loudly proclaim how faithful they are while at the same time profess they support what is sinful and even intrinsically evil. How blind are people to accept this deceit and even embrace this deceit.

People are called to bow to political correctness and are attacked, prosecuted, censored or abused if they do not do so. No matter that this may go against what people believe to be true they must accept it. This political correctness even tries to distort peoplesí faith by changing the holy words of scripture so that they become no longer holy as they become acceptable to the norms of society and now not offensive. Tries to change what are laws of nature by saying people can decide for themselves what gender they are regardless of how God created them. A male can decide to be female and a female can decide to be male, teaching children from a young age that this is their choice. This is foolishness indeed. We should be be heavenly correct not politically correct when it opposes Godís will, as it is Godís ways we must follow at all times. Not doing so will certainly bring more darkness into the world.


What shall we as Christians do in these times? We should do what Christians have always done before in difficult times; follow the will of Christ. Living our faith, no matter what the world tells us or tries to force upon us. Trusting in God that He will bring us through this to a much better time. While it may seem as if darkness has won and that evil is stronger, remember it has not and it is not. Do not fear as The Lord, Jesus, will clear away the darkness and replace it with the light of His love. All will become as He wants, not as evil wants. Keep living for Him no matter what it may cost. It is when we do this that through us the divine light pours out and is magnified and one day will be so powerful in the faithful that the whole world will be illuminated by it. The minds of the confused, the sinful and the servants of evil will be touched by that light and many of those will change as the truth of God is revealed before them. Sadly, some will not change and so we must keep praying for those and for God to forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Christians as always are called to be the image of The Lord, Jesus, in the world. The image of love, forgiveness, compassion while maintaining a strong faith and complete trust in God. Called to be the beacons of light that line the path to heaven so all can walk along that path. Do not despair, for even in the darkest moments that light can burn brightly in our lives and can show to all the right way to live. Remember, evil fruit comes from a rotten tree and a rotten tree cannot survive. Let us be the good fruit springing from the eternal tree of life and let us offer all people that fruit to eat, so they too can be one with us in the eternal love of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

May God love, strengthen and guide you all.

God bless,

alan ames

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