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Whenever God Touches a Life
Feb 4, 2013

Whenever God touches a life it always has been and always will be with and in love, for He is love. The life touched by His divine love is never the same again as the knowledge of God's love drives the person to be a better person. Even though some do not succeed as they are tempted away by evil, still inside their heart is that knowledge that God loves them and the hope is that in the future the strength of that divine love will overcome the weakness of the persons pride or fear.

It is when the people of the church see those who have been touched by God's love reach out and help the person to embrace and come to know God's love in the catholic faith and in the sacraments that it is less likely someone will fall away. God's love always needs to be nurtured and strengthened in life. This is something a person cannot do alone. Everyone needs the help of others to look for and find the grace that God offers in His catholic church and in the sacraments. It is therefore the duty of those within the church to look to always helping others especially those who have newly discovered God's love and been touched by His love.

It at times is so tempting to turn away and say let someone else do this. It is so easy to think only of your own faith growing and your own journey with God. However, unless we help others our faith will not grow and our journey will be more with self than with God.

The evil one works on peoples pride and self centeredness to draw them away from the life they truly should be living for God. A life of serving God and serving others. A life focused on God and bringing others to God. The Divine Spirit of Love is touching many hearts and souls in these times, just as He has always done. God hopes that those who know His love will know that it is they that are called to strengthen those who are newly experiencing His divine love. It is they who are called to fertilize the new of faith so that they can become a blazing fire of God's love and become the fire that set alight God's love in the lives of others that they know. The Lord is sowing the seed in many lives and he asks His followers to nurture the crop and harvest it in His love. Will we do as God calls us to do or will we turn away letting others do what we should?

God love you,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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