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He is with us
Jun 8, 2013

Even though the church does and will face many trials and tribulations it will always remain as a bastion of God’s love and will never be overcome by the world. The world may assail the church with all it has but the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church will never be overcome. God resides within His church and all the power of the world does not and cannot compare to the power of God’s love.

We as members of the church, as the new disciples of Christ and as the Apostles of His love must never doubt this and always stand firm in the face of any and all attacks upon the Body of Christ, which we are part of, The Catholic Church. We must stand as Christ, Our Lord, calls us to; firm in the truth, gentle in love and forgiving to all.

Even when it seems as if all are against us remember God is with us encouraging each one of us to truly be His followers. Also remember the world opposed Him, many rejected Him and many were and are against Him. The Lord, is with us in our struggles, He helps us carry our crosses and He give us the grace, the gifts and the strength we need to do as He asks of us.

Our Lord, Jesus, does not leave us alone, He is with us and He sends His Divine Spirit to bless us and fill us with the peace of heart and soul we need.

God is with us who can overcome us? God is in our hearts who can break them? God fills our spirits with His Spirit so who can defeat us?

The truth is clear and we should live to that truth that we are God’s vessels of grace through whom He desires to show His love to the world and to whom He sends His Holy Spirit so that we can show His love to all.

Do not be bowed down by the world. Do not hide your faith. Do not deny your Lord.

Raise your heads high in love, open your hearts in love and let your spirits soar in God’s love.

He is with us and we need to be with Him.

God love you,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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