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Human Sacrafices
Feb 7, 2019

It seems many are slipping back into the old heathen and pagan ways as they turn away from Christianity and turn to new age ways (which in truth are old age ways recycled) or self centred and immoral lives. In the past, before the full truth of God was known, child sacrifice to the gods was practised by various so called civilisations. Children would be sacrificed to ensure good harvests, success for a nation or tribe in war, the continuation of society as they knew it, that good things would happen in life and various other reasons that generally were about getting some special blessing. The lives of the innocent were willingly sacrificed to appease the so-called gods or people’s desire for so-called blessings. The lives of the blessed babies were not respected or treasured as they should be but just destroyed at the whim of societies.

Today there is very little difference as people in some societies promote abortion and even the killing of children after they are born, this truly is murder. Today children, sweet innocent beautiful images of God are destroyed at the whim of those who should know better. Now we repeat what was done before as people sacrifice the babies for what they see as important in life, forgetting how important children are. People sacrifice the children because they may be seen as a burden they do not want to bear, or a child would affect the lifestyle they want to live. Some want to abort children because they have a defect or deformity forgetting these do not change the value of the life of the baby and if we only chose perfect babies many alive today would not be. Some choose abortion because the gender of the child is not what they want and because of this many female babies are aborted, yet so often some of these same people complain there is not equal rights for women. Yes, there are some tragic circumstances where people feel they have no alternative or where they are persuaded it is the best thing to do for the child because of problems with the baby's health or the risk to the mother. However, a tragic circumstance does not justify the intentional taking of a baby's life. In many cases there are alternatives such as adoption for there are a substantial number of people who cannot have children and would like to adopt. In cases where the mother’s life is at risk then all should be done by doctors to save the mother and the child without the intention of aborting the baby and then leave it in God’s hands as to the outcome.

Those who perform abortions are like the heathen/pagan priests that tore apart and killed the children on their sacrificial altars. The abortionists are these today tearing apart those precious little bodies on the altar of evil, for have no doubt as they do this that it is an offering of evil that brings great pleasure to the evil one who laughs as mankind destroys itself. Here in the killing of the innocents is an intrinsic evil that so many do not see as evil or do not understand that it is the will of evil that mankind kills its own.

Let us pray for those who support, embrace, accept or perform abortions to come to know the truth of God, the truth that life from conception to death is precious and is to be treasured. Let us pray for them to do God’s will and not the will of evil. If we do not pray for them who will? Let us not have hatred towards these people but a love that only wants the best for them and the best is that they come to know and love the truth and will of God. May God strengthen us all in this spiritual and physical battle so that we persevere in love seeking the best for all people even those who sacrifice the innocents.

God bless,

alan ames

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