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Absence of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
April 5, 2020

Today because of the situation in the world many people cannot receive Our Lord, Jesus, in Holy Communion which in itself is a tragedy. However, we should realise that this cross is one we can bear in love and offer our sorrow to The Lord, Jesus, in His suffering on the cross so that grace may be poured out on the world through our sorrow. Just as grace was poured out through the sorrow of Mary at the foot of the cross. Each day we also can seek to have a spiritual union with The Lord so that our spirit?s can unite in His love. In this time, I hope we all come to treasure more the gift we are given in the Holy Eucharist and appreciate it more as sometimes people forget what a great gift God gives mankind in the Holy Eucharist.

There are some who are afraid of all the events happening around the world and fear for themselves and their families. In these troubled times, it is important we keep focused on The Lord, Jesus, and not be drawn into the panic in the world today. Be at peace knowing Christ is with you keeping you safe and that whatever happens in your life is His will. Do not let fear into your hearts but remember ?Jesus, I trust you?. Fear will lead people into thoughts of self and block thoughts of God. Fear may open people to sin as they seek to make sure all is well in their lives. With The Lord at our side in our lives we should not fear for He is with us and will protect us remember how the early church trusted completely in Him and so must we today. We can find the strength to not be afraid by asking the Holy Spirit to lift our fears and strengthen our faith, our trust and resolve. The Holy Spirit will come to our aid and help us. He will strengthen our spirits so we can truly live unafraid in the love of Christ. Remember God will take care of you. Let us not lose our focus and let us continue to love others, to help others and to share with others. Some say these are the end times but no one knows the end times except the Father, so do not be led along the path of despair instead keep hoping in Our Lord, Jesus. The Lord, said in holy scripture these things would happen so why are we surprised. Stand erect and hold your heads high as you hold onto Jesus saying ?Lord, wherever you lead me I will follow.?

God bless,

alan ames

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