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IS = It's satan
Dec 8, 2015

It's satan lying and murdering... in the name of God. Truly this is an insult to God. However, let us look beyond this and see what is happening in those who are serving satan in his evil work. These people who do this and follow this evil belief system are truly possessed by evil and we should respond to them as if it was a family member possessed by evil. We need to pray fervently for this evil to be removed from their souls and that they are converted to catholicism so they can find peace of heart and soul in the fullness of God's love in Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

I know many will say that prayer seems to be having little effect but in truth it is. Through praying for these poor souls evil is confronted in the spiritual realm by our love for God and for others and that love will defeat the hatred of evil. It is also extremely important we do not let hatred enter our minds and hearts for those who do such terrible and evil things in the name of God. We must focus on the love The Lord, Jesus, has for these people and pray that His love will possess their souls replacing the evil that is there. Remembering also that this evil will continue to be passed from generation to generation if we do not confront it in the right way.

It is essential we also go to adoration when possible and spend time with The Lord, offering this time for those possessed by evil through their belief to be freed from this slavery and to be filled with the presence of Jesus and be at peace in the love of Jesus, Our Lord. It is in adoration that the divine presence and the grace of God when offered by us, can through us, enter into the lives of the possessed. It is in adoration the light of divine love can pass through us to touch those in darkness we make the offering for. I ask all of you to make time, even if only a few minutes, to be in the presence of Our Lord offering this time for those doing the work of the evil one to be freed from this enslavement.

We must consider how their souls are suffering within and how they will suffer eternally if they do not break free from the evil one's grasp. I know that these people do the most disgusting and horrible things. I know they cause immense suffering for others. I know they bring chaos wherever they are. I know many believe they should be condemned to hell. This is understandable because of the evil they do. But we as followers of Christ must look to Our Lord in love and ask Him to be merciful, ask Him to remove the evil ones from the souls and lives of these people. Surely this is our duty? Isn't this what The Lord, Jesus, calls us to?

This is what the evil one tries to stop us doing for he knows this offering is more powerful than anything he can do. The evil one hates us doing this, it makes him howl in anger, scream at the pureness of the love we offer in truly following Christ.

Let us not despair. Let us not cower in the face of evil. Let us stand tall in the love of God. Let us hold our heads high as we pray fervently for these lost souls and let us truly imitate Christ in asking for their forgiveness and for this evil to end.

May God strengthen you all.
God bless,
Alan Ames Alan Ames Ministry

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