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Listen to the Truth
Oct. 3, 2014

Many people search for the truth and cannot seem to find it. Many are blinded by the deceptions, distortions and deceits of the world, governments and media. People often prefer to accept anything they are told by those in authority or with influence as truth when often it is not. For Catholics the truth should be obvious it is before them in their faith…the truth is Jesus, The Lord, and all truth resides in Him and with Him. While it may be difficult to see and understand this at times if a person follows their Catholic faith the truth will become clearer and the deceptions apparent.

To listen to the world before The Lord and His Catholic Church is truly foolish but many have been blinded into putting the deceit of evil in the world before the truth of God. Some clear examples are:

  1. It was pronounced by many in the world that living together in trial relationships would reduce the amount of divorces. The Church said it was false and that this would affect society and relationships badly. Now the divorce rate skyrockets and more and more families fall apart and the number of children growing up suffering because of this grows…the world was wrong!

  2. The so-called wise of the world who think there is overpopulation have suggested that having less children will improve marriages because there will be more time for the husband and wife to spend together and enjoy each other's company. The Church teaches it is important to have children if it is the will of God and that happiness can be found within families of all sizes. The increasing divorce rate is a result of married couples listening to the world… the world was wrong!

  3. Pro-contraception lobbies and governments declared contraception would reduce abortions. The Church said contraception is wrong and would not reduce abortions. That contraception would devalue love between people and lead to more promiscuity. Abortions have escalated to horrific numbers as mankind slaughters its babies and promiscuity abounds…the world was wrong!

It is not only with these issues of morality that people are deceived, I remember when I lived in England in the seventies and there was an oil crisis, it was boldly declared by governments around the world that oil would run out within 20-30 years. We all listened and believed it and the governments increased the price of fuel saying it was to reduce usage and save the dwindling supply of oil. How foolish we were! Or when we were told that when the computer age arrives people will have more time for leisure. No mention of the jobs that would be lost or people earning less so some need to have 2 jobs to survive and of course so many work harder and longer than ever, if they can find work.

Deceit is rampant in the world and sadly many people just listen to what they are told and accept it as truth without even questioning what they are told. The fruit of this has been lives lost in wars, societies changing for the worse, people paying more for goods and a growing apathy among people. Sometimes in the media I see they state one thing as truth then a short while later state the opposite as truth. I find it hard to believe what I read in newspapers or see on the news because listening carefully to what they say it is clear to see the agenda they have and often the truth is not on the agenda.

The truth when lived to builds lives and societies, increases happiness and gives people a reason for hope. This is what Jesus, Our Lord does, for He is the truth and we must live to His truth and put that before all else if we want the world to improve. We should listen to the words of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church before listening to the words of the world, for the truth of the Church is the truth of Christ. Will we do that, I wonder? Because so many prefer to ignore the Church and do not recognise the cost of doing that. To be a true follower of Christ, He must be first in all things and we must listen to Him above all others recognising when the Church speaks it is Christ, Himself speaking to us through the Church.

The foolish put the world first…the wise put God first. Be wise.

Alan Ames Ministry

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