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Live and Defend the Faith
Oct 10, 2020

This time truly is a time of great hope for mankind but also a time of great risk.

The hope is that people worldwide learn from the difficulties we have gone through and are going through so as to care more for one another and to look after those in need as we should. Also that it may bring people to look at their lives and reassess them seeing what truly is important in life. Coming to understand that the things of the world are temporary and it is the eternal life to come with God that we should be focused on. It also can bring people to treasure their freedom more as in society some have become complacent to the value of their freedoms. I know that many catholics have come to appreciate the church and the sacraments more as they have been or still are being denied them by government edicts. It seems that some families have come closer together in this time of trial and tribulation and the love in some families has grown.

However the great risk is that the world through the fear instilled in society may turn more repressive, more dictatorial and more anti freedom of religion. Through this period we can see how some in power are using this time to enforce their will on the population. While all the time saying what they are doing is for the best and is to keep people safe. Rights and freedoms have been trampled on and so often with a compliant society who, because of fear, accept what they normally would not. Religious freedom was attacked from the beginning so that christians could not attend church, masses could not be celebrated, sacraments could not be received or dispensed. This was done through the holiest time of the year Easter and continues in many places maybe even beyond Christmas.

So many christians remained and remain silent about this and allowed their rulers to enforce their will. It reminds me of communist countries of the past and of today who tried and still try to destroy the church and the faith. Christianity is a threat to some in the ruling classes because it brings people to put God first, as they should, and not the world. It brings people to oppose evils that governments and political groups try to force upon us. Abortion, immorality, euthanasia and so much more.

If christians remain silent over the attacks on their faith some of those in power will force change upon us so that our faith is no longer the true faith. A prime example of that today is China where the government raids catholics homes and destroy or remove holy statues and images. Where there can only be an official church run by the government that must be in line with the official line of the government. Where those who oppose this are persecuted for trying to live their faith. This is what lies ahead for catholics and christians in the west if we allow those in power to trample on our freedoms. We are at risk of being taken down a path we do not want to go or should not go. Down this path, if you think the world is bad today, it will get far worse and our children and grandchildren will be the ones to suffer.

But all is not lost we can change or stop all this happening we can, if we hold onto our faith, if we live as The Lord, Jesus, asks. If we put God first in all things. If we continue to pray earnestly for the will of God to reign supreme in the world. If we live our lives as a prayer. If we stand firm in faith. If we let no one lead us into fear and despair instead trusting completely in The Lord, Jesus, and listen to the many times in Holy Scripture He said, ‘Do not be afraid.’ Live happy and loving lives as an example to all as to how to live. If we stand up in truth when we are faced with the deceit of evil.

It is up to us to choose the path ahead for our societies when in democratic countries we have elections. We need to put our faith first, we need to vote for our faith, our freedoms and for true societies of love. When we support those who promote or support intrinsic evils we vote to walk the wrong path. When we vote for those who would restrict freedom of religion we vote to walk the wrong path. When we vote for those who promote immorality we vote to walk the wrong path. When we vote for those who are pro abortion or who say they are pro life but in truth are not we vote for walking the wrong path. Look at their actions not their words.

It is when we help our democratic societies to be better the grace God pours out and because of this will touch those countries that are oppressive, that restrict religious freedoms, that deny even the most basic human rights. God will bless and change them to be freer and more caring for all. God will change them to know His love and live to that love. But we first must play our part by living our faith, defending our faith and by walking the path of faith and love.

I encourage all of you to put your faith first and in doing so be the ones that help lead mankind down the path that leads to a better life for all on earth and brings so many to eternal life in heaven with God.

God bless you all,

alan ames

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