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Aug 10 , 2005

In life today many are confused and struggle with the way to live a good life.  The world pressurizes people to live in ways they would not want to and in ways which are not good for them, or for all of mankind.

There are very few living as examples of goodness and very few encouraging people to live good lives.  So it becomes easy for the wrong ways to take hold and to grow in the world.

Many Christians, who want to be the examples of goodness they are meant to be, try for a while but then give up in frustration as so little seems to be achieved and wrong seems to continue to strangle the world.

Many Christians do not even try being the example they are meant to be yet often these same people are the first to complain about the wrong in the world.

Many Christians seem to embrace the ways of the world before the ways of God and in doing so do not see that they are denying God and denying mankind of the blessing they are meant to be in this world.

Now is the time for all who love Our Lord, Jesus, to remember their profession of faith, their creed and the promises they have made in the Sacraments to God and to start to live as examples of His love.

Every Catholic is meant to be to be the light burning brightly in the world that disperses the darkness and brings the Son to all mankind.

Every Catholic should commit themselves to serving God and to serving Him in the way God wants and not in the way they want.  The way that is truly the Catholic way.

Every Catholic needs to look back at the early church and say ‘I will live as they did, fully committed to the Lord Jesus.’

Every Catholic needs to turn to the Lord and ask for His help in living this way and His strength to endure any trials that will surely come their way.

Every Catholic needs to ask the Holy Spirit to set their souls on fire so that the fire of God’s love can be spread and once more burn brightly in the world.

Every Catholic needs to say ‘Here I am Lord, I will do as you want me to.’

Catholics should remember they are meant to spread the faith by living it and by not being afraid to share the wonderful treasure of God that we have in our faith. The treasure which is meant to bring richness of life to all people.

When every Catholic does this, then that is when each one can truly say they are Christian and that is when each one can know that through them God is changing the world for the better.

When Catholics do this is when the world will see Christ, Our Lord, in every Catholic life and will be touched by Him reaching out through every Catholic living to His way and imitating Him.

Remember it begins with you, not someone else!

Alan Ames Ministry

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