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Never Give Up
Aug 7, 2017


In the past the martyrs could have given up on The Lord, Jesus, to save their own lives, their families' lives and maybe to get better positions in society. However, no matter what the threats or temptations, they did not give up on Christ.

At times with so many martyred it may have seemed as if the Church would not survive, would be destroyed because of so many killed or forced or persuaded to accept other gods and deny Christ. Nevertheless the Church stood strong in the sacrifices made by the martyrs and was not overcome. Today once again the Church is under attack from many sides but this is to be expected for the Church will be under attack until Christ comes again and in His glory reigns supreme.

We today are called to imitate the sacrificial lives of those who went before us. We are called to stand strong in the faith and never deny Christ. Even if we are threatened we should stand firm asking the Holy Spirit to give us the grace to do so. The Church we have today is because those before us stood strong.

We should pray for the grace to reject the temptations offered if we would deny Christ. We should pray for the grace to stand firm even when it seems all of society, including family and friends, are against us. When governments and those who rule us demand we accept sin because that sin is legal we must say no regardless of the cost. But we must say no with gentle and loving hearts and words. It is our duty of love and faith to do this so that we can hand on to those who follow us a Church still strong in the love of God.

Today many around the world are clinging to Christ even at the cost of their lives. These are true saints and martyrs. Yet so many others are afraid to hold onto Christ and let go of Him because of their fears. Have no doubt the Holy Spirit gave the martyrs the grace and strength they needed to overcome their fears and cling to Christ and that the Holy Spirit will do the same for us if we are ever called to suffer for Christ. In this knowledge there should be no fear knowing God is with us.

This is our time to show our true hearts of love for God.
This is our time to stand against the evil in the world.
This is our time to show generations to come that the love of Christ is even more precious than our very lives.
This is our time let us live it for Christ, Our Lord, and let us live it unafraid assured Heaven will be our reward if we do so.

God bless,

Alan Ames

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