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No More Than Our Duty
Apr 23 2011

He is risen from the grave! Let all those who truly love The Lord, Jesus, rise up in love and proclaim to the world this divine truth. This is what The Lord asked the apostles to do and it is the same that He asks us to do. Let us go out to the world each day of our lives and share in our words and actions the truth of Easter and the joyful love this divine truth brings to life.

With so much misery in the world today people, regardless if they understand it or not, need to hear of the eternal love of   The Lord, Jesus, and the eternal life He offers to all in His love.

With so much suffering in the world today people should know The Lord, Jesus suffered for them and shares in their suffering. That The Lord, Jesus is there to help and comfort people in their painful times, that He will give people the grace and strength needed to endure anything and that, yes, when it is for the best He will lift the crosses from the shoulders of people.

With so many in need in the world today people should be reminded in The Lord, Jesus, is all they need. Those with plenty should be reminded that The Lord, Jesus calls them to share in love with the needy.  Reminded that this is a duty that brings us to imitate Christ in His total giving of self for those in need; a duty that needs to be fulfilled.

With so many troubled hearts in the world today the peace of Christ should be proclaimed to all people. The peace that never left Him through His suffering and that will remain in the hearts of those who embrace Christ in love.

The peace that soothes the troubled heart.

The peace that brings an end to conflicts.

The peace that mankind was created to live in.

The peace all should know and experience.

With so many lives lost in darkness and sin the light of Christ has to be shone upon those who are lost along the way so that they can find the right path to walk in life. We, the followers of The Lord, Jesus, are meant to be the vessels of His Divine Light that illuminate the darkest recesses. We are called to be beacons of love leading others to a resurrected life in Christ, Our Lord.

There is a world out there waiting to hear the full truth of our resurrected Lord and we are called to be the heralds of the good news of God’s eternal love in His risen Son, Jesus.

Let us rise up in love and be the bringers of the eternal light of salvation to all, unconcerned of what the world may think of us, may say about us, and may do to us. As true followers of Christ, Our Lord, it is our duty to declare His glorious love to all and to share the way to heaven in Him with all. Let us not remain trapped in the tomb by our fears, selfishness or pride. In humble love of God and of others let us put self aside and go out fearlessly to proclaim the love of Christ to all by the way we live, by the way we love and by sharing our lives and love with others as the people who have died in Christ and have been resurrected in Him as the people of love.

A blessed Easter to all,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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