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May 24, 2016

This Pentecost it would be easy for Catholics to despair as they see a large number of people in Ireland vote in the support of what is intrinsically wrong and support that which opposes the will of the Holy Spirit through the teachings of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. It is important to see what is happening here in the timing of this vote on the eve of Pentecost. Here is evil trying to distract people from the Holy Spirit and the celebration of the birthday of the church and evil trying to offend God through those people who are unwittingly at times manipulated by evil. The evil one is also trying to sow seeds of doubt in the victory of Our Lord, Jesus, over evil and for people to lose hope in The Lord. However, we should not despair, we should not lose hope for no matter how bad it may seem, no matter how foolish people are and no matter how people reject God and His teachings the victory is assured. All faithful Catholics should hold firmly on to this truth and should never lose hope and never despair for God has all in hand and at the appropriate time in the appropriate way He will show the power of His love in the victory of The Lord, Jesus, on the cross and in the resurrection.

God bless,

Alan Ames

Alan Ames Ministry

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