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Progressive and Tolerant
Oct 14 , 2017


When the many people in the world say something is acceptable or right that is not always the case, for many of the people of the world frequently state that wrong is right and right is wrong. When the people of the world say that sin is to be tolerated then those who love God should not and cannot tolerate this. True toleration is to accept that others may have a different point of view or belief or way of living, and while they may be wrong in this, toleration is to accept they have the right to choose that belief or way. However, if it is sinful we have to stand up with humble love for what is right in the hope of converting the hearts of those with the wrong understandings of what is sin and what is not, what is the right way to live, and what is not.

Very often those who claim to be tolerant are the most intolerant of those who think differently to them. In these times there is a lot of pressure on Christians to accept what goes against their faith and when they do not, the so-called tolerant frequently attack, abuse and vilify Christians who stand for their faith and their God. The 'tolerant' sometimes become the most intolerant. The so-called 'tolerant' may see themselves as progressive in what they want for the world and society, when in fact they are regressive. The 'progressives' frequently support such things as abortion, gay marriage, freedom to use drugs of addiction, using the law to force Christians to do what is against their faith.

Abortion is just another slaughtering and sacrificing of the innocents. This is not new, for in the past there were many child sacrifices to appease the false gods in the hope of security or getting what they wanted or needed.

Today with abortion mankind slaughters the babies. Some do this because they are not prepared to sacrifice for a child in their lives and so they sacrifice the unborn baby so that they can have the life they want or what they believe they need in life, as they embrace the false gods in the world of a self centred life. While this is not true in all cases it is true in all cases that an innocent child is being slaughtered. Of course there are some very tragic circumstances where a mother may think she has no other option. It is important that these women are shown there is another and better option and given the help they need to choose life not death.

Gay marriage is proclaimed as a right by the 'tolerant', but it can never be a right, for homosexual activity is always wrong. Marriage can only be between a man and a woman; that is God's plan; Matthew 19: "he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, 'Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh'". While a Christian should never discriminate against someone who is homosexual a Christian should not accept what goes against faith and morals. To agree to or to tolerate gay marriage is to agree with or tolerate the sin that is within that union.

Conscience does not and cannot excuse sin. Unless a person holds fast to the truths of God a conscience can be distorted by what is happening in the world or by what is being taught as truth or being promoted in what we hear and see in the media. There are belief systems today that teach their followers it is permissible to torture and kill others or to treat women as less than men. Many of those in these systems see no wrong in doing so as their conscience has been distorted by what they have been taught to believe as God's will. So that they cannot discern what is right and what is not, their conscience is not true.

Those who are homosexual are to be treated with respect and compassion, remembering to be homosexual in itself is not sinful but it is doing homosexual actions that is. I have met some strong Catholics with homosexual tendencies but they keep these emotions under control and offer their struggle with these tendencies to God as a sacrifice of love, they remain chaste for the love of God and their faith. I find in them a great example of sacrificing for God.

From some of the 'progressives' there is a call in many countries now to relax the laws on drugs of addiction and to make them freely available. They often quote studies that suit their agenda and ignore studies that do not. They promote these addictive drugs as reasonably safe and ignore results that say they are not. A 20 year analysis by Prof Wayne Hall, Australia, showed the devastating effects of cannabis. Also a 50yr study on 411 males (Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development) show a 7 fold increase in violent behaviour by those using cannabis. So the argument that drugs freely available will reduce violence does not appear to be true.

It seems historical evidence is also ignored and the effects on society when drugs of addiction are available without restriction. In Germany in the 1930's and 1940's Pervitin a methamphetamine was given freely to German troops and was also available to civilians. This surely had an effect on the terrible and violent events happened in those times. Just remember the reports in recent times of the aggression of methamphetamine users.

Then there was opium that was forced to be freely available in China by Western powers after the Opium wars...Opium addiction remained a problem in China until 1949 affecting Chinese society in deleterious ways.

Do we want drug dens on our streets? Does anyone consider the effects on children if parents are drawn into the world of addictive drugs, or how society would be affected? History shows in various countries what happens when drugs of addiction are available to society without strict controls. Often it is reported in the media that a violent crime that happened was because the person took drugs. Do people really think this will reduce if those same drugs are there for all? Sadly, so few speak up and ask these questions because they are afraid of the attacks by the progressive tolerant people that may happen to them.

Today evil is forcing its will on the world often through those who see themselves as the compassionate, tolerant, progressive more intelligent people. The will of evil is to hurt and destroy mankind and it uses the blindness and pride of those who think they know what is best for others, when in fact what they know is the worst for others. We must pray for these people to be touched by God's grace so they can see the harm they promote and reject that harm. Pray that they will come to know the divine truth of God and promote true tolerance and progression. Progression that helps us progress to heaven not to be trapped in the darkness of evil and regress back into the ways of evil.

God bless,

Alan Ames

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