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Prophetic Word
Sep 12, 2013

As events unfold in the world I am reminded of a visit I did to Russia in 1996. I was interviewed on radio in Moscow by an Arkady Rovner who had a one hour show which took calls. I spoke for about 30 minutes on what God was doing in my life and then took calls from listeners. Two calls I have never forgotten. One was from an old woman who said she had taken her granddaughter into a church in Moscow and that the young girl became excited as she said to the grandmother that she could see Jesus and He was talking to her. The grandmother asked me what she should do and what did it mean. First I said there was nothing to fear as The Lord, Jesus, was reaching out in love calling the girl and all of Russia to Him, Secondly I suggested they see and speak to a priest and also increase their time in church.

Another caller asked what was the future for Russia? I answered, filled with the Holy Spirit, that the future was meant to be a glorious one where Russia would come closer to The Lord, Jesus, and would become a burning light that drew others to God. That Russia would become a bastion of faith in a world swamped by evil and darkness. That the prophecy of Fatima would be fulfilled and that all the prayers said for Russia would be answered

Today as I reflect on this interview I see these words being fulfilled as Christianity in Russia grows and grows, as the Russian president seems to be the one major leader in the world standing up for Christianity and talking of God often. I have written before and spoke to many people of the actions and words of Vladimir Putin. Such as he went on a pilgrimage to St. Petersburg to see the belt of Our Lady and kissed it in public then asked the women of Russia to stop having abortions. Or when he spoke at Moscow university and said to the students the best thing they can do in life is to live as St. Francis of Assisi lived. Or his frequent attendance at the Orthodox Liturgy. Or his refusal to let young children to be taught about homosexuality. Of course he is not perfect and makes many mistakes for he is human and has weaknesses but despite these he is standing up for Christ and Christians as he tries to prevent the slaughter of Christians in Syria, which many other leaders ignore.

I thank God and Our Blessed Mother, Mary, that through and in Russia today we are seeing God's grace in action as God blesses mankind in confirmation of the prophecy of Fatima.

Let us all pray that all the leaders in the world become true vessels of God's grace and promote peace, love, equality, morality and most importantly Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

God love you,

alan ames


Alan Ames Ministry

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